Lest we forget

The weekend just gone was my first with no work or babysitting. Saturday I enjoyed a nice long lay-in. I tidied my room up. It had been all upside-down since the babies had stayed. Then I made a start on my law assignment. I got to the final 2 questions and put it away for the evening. Sunday we had Sunday roast lunch at my Nan’s.
Monday came around, again. Mom woke up with flu like symptoms so she stayed in bed all day and I went off to college. It was the 11th November and at 11 we had 2 minutes silence in class. My poppy band I’d brought 2 weeks previous decided to snap in half on the actual day you’re meant to wear it. Just typical really lol
Today I had law again. I was late to class, by 15 minutes. Luckily anything spoken was in the handout we get in the class for later reference. I hate being late though but I did enjoy my lay-in, I woke up at 10am lol
I’ve been catching up on my shows on seasonwars.com. I love it. I am a few episodes ahead with Vampire Diaries, the originals and Arrow. I have been watching back-to-back episodes of True Blood. I’ve caught a few episodes now and then on tv in the past but I never watched any from the first few seasons so nothing ever made sense. Well now I’ve started from season 1, episode 1 and I finally get a little bit about what went on in what I saw before lol I’m 4 episodes in and I’m quite enjoying it.

I bought the twins their Christmas and birthday presents over the weekend. I’ve wrapped their gifts up for Christmas as I bought some new wrapping paper and labels. The other gifts from amazon, for the older 3, have since come through the post so they’ve been wrapped too. I’m really excited about Christmas now that November is here. It is a shame I’m running out of money though as I haven’t quite finished my Christmas shopping but I’m sure I’ll manage, I usually do!
My aunt is having Sunday lunch at my Nan’s this Sunday coming so I’m going to pop in to see the kids. Plus I’m another pair of hands to either clean and tidy after dinner or watch the kids whilst she helps with the cleanup.
As mom is sick we haven’t had dinner yet. She’s got severe tonsillitis so she cannot swallow and my brother offered to make us all something that would fit with her needing soft food but he changed his mind, saying I’m lazy and should make my own dinner. Problem is, he left it quite late in saying this and it was only about 15 minutes till Emmerdale started and I don’t have the option to pause my box so I couldn’t “watch” it in a bit if I cooked my dinner first so I’ve just sat and watched it and now I’m off downstairs to see what I fancy cooking. He’s a cheeky little fucker saying I’m lazy though. He goes on like I’ve done nothing all day? He was only at work an hour longer than I was in class so I’ve hardly been lazier than he has. Plus it was HIS turn to do the dishes and somehow he managed to get out of it so I ended up doing both lots. One rule for one, and one rule for another. That’s how it is when you’re the eldest!!!
Right, I’m hungry. Dinner time it is lol



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