Still belly-aching

I still do not feel like “myself”. I can’t figure out whether I am perpetually hungry or nauseous. I ate dinner at my Nan’s today and later on, much later, I still felt “hungry” so I had a bowl of porridge. Now a few hours later I still feel “hungry”. I don’t know what’s up!!
I had a crap day as well. Firstly a guy shoved past me, on purpose, when I was walking to college. He did it because I accidently walked in front of him (though I’ve no idea why he was walking up my arse in the first place) and I did apologise for it and it only happened because I had my hood up as it was hammering with rain and I was side stepping puddles and I simply didn’t see him. He then proceeded to say (after shoving past me very unnecessarily) “I hate when people walk infront of me”. I mean, talk about transparent. So I replied whilst walking on “how mature, you childish prick”. He saw my college ID. He doesn’t know I’m 22 so what, he thought it acceptable behaviour to push past someone who very clearly is a student and therefore is quite likely to be as young as 16. I mean, I look young too and he must’ve been about 27/28 maybe even older. What a prick! And then to top it off, in study skills we were forced to sit through 50 minutes of being shown (step-by-step) how to use basic functions on excel. Talk about losing the will to live. I worked for IBM ffs, I think I’d be pretty dumb not to know how to work an excel spreadsheet! It was 50 minutes of my life wasted, that’ll I’ll never get back. Such a drain.
And to ensure I had an even shittier day I somehow managed to get my head bitten off by my Nan. I don’t know wtf is wrong with her lately. She is so argumentative, and aggressive and then has the cheek to say to me that I’m the one who’s being aggressive. Erm no, I have not raised my voice. I am merely airing an opinion, calm it ffs!
Oh, then at home this evening I picked a clean, empty glass up from the kitchen to take upstairs to fill up with coke I have in my room and I somehow dropped and smashed the glass in the downstairs hallway. Fuck knows how but it just smashed at my feet. I then had to pick up all the big pieces, sweep the small pieces in to the pan and then vacuum any residue left. I swear today was one of them days when I really wish I hadn’t gotten up this morning.

So now I am laid in bed (since about 8pm) with a horrible hungry/nauseous bellyache trying to sleep. Here I go. Rant over, I promise.



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