I am belly-aching, literally. I had my first class back after half-term today (well technically yesterday). Anyway, I had law. I finished 11 and Mom picked me up, we popped home quick then went to Nan’s for lunch. Later on, mom went to work and I had dinner at my Nan’s. I walked home at 5ish, with my brother. When I got in I noticed I had a belly-ache and for a short while I actually thought I could be hungry, and after doing some chores I had a bowl of oats porridge. But surely I couldn’t be hungry after not long having had my dinner? No! Had to be something else, perhaps some gurgley guts? Nope, no issues there (believe me I skipped the tmi, okay?) so what could it be? Suddenly I thought “hmmm what about the more obvious thing? You know, that T.O.M – time of the month?” So I checked my “app for that stuff” and nope, no where near that. So, as of right now my belly is feeling rather strange, gurgley and I’m still not sure why. Part of me wonders now, at 2:30, if it’s possible I AM hungry but it’s way to late to eat now. I hope this goes away soon, I hate feeling “not myself”.
On a brighter note, I tweaked my psychology essay this evening and submitted the electronic version on Moodle. I just need to print off the paper copy tomorrow and hand it in to the desk in O block. I hope it qualifies as a pass. I really do not understand essay writing no matter how many tutors try explaining it all, I just can’t format what I want to say. It’s frustrating because I know that I know the work, I just can’t seem to articulate it. Which is odd seeing as I am a blogger, admittedly I am a beginner, I can still write adequately lol

You may be wondering why I am awake at 2:30am? I’ve no idea. I tried to sleep for about an hour to no avail. I suppose it’s a good thing that I don’t have class till 11 tomorrow or else I’d be tired, again.

I have had a thought about my Halloween party update. There isn’t much to put here because I can’t stick photo after photo as I’ll hit my photo limit too quick. So I’ll just say, my uncle didn’t make it and my aunts 3 kids were still on holiday so they couldn’t make it either. My Nan’s nephew made it with 4 of his 5 kids. As did my other uncle and his little girl. My nan and grandad were there too, as was my Nan’s brother, his missus, my mom, my bro and a few of his friends. Sadly none of my friends showed however I did not expect them to. I’ve learned to expect the worse from people then it’s a pleasant surprise on the rare occasion they don’t do what you expect lol plus I’ve given up on the concept of friends. I have a few friends, mostly people I keep up-to-date with online, a select few I see in person. My BFF (though he won’t admit that) is aforementioned in previous posts as “TLC”. It is a nickname that was made up for him in random conversations I use to have at my old work place. It stuck and he’s been saved in my phone as TLC ever since. I won’t say what it stands for, but if you want to guess then feel free to try. No it isn’t “tender loving care”, obviously!

This weekend coming is the first one that I do not have work, nor any pre-booked babysitting duties. Reg did ask if he could stay but he was meant to ask his mom and he forgot so I dunno if he will or not. I have missed him, and I think he feels a little pushed out by me having the twins. It isn’t anything personal to him and I did explain to him in the summer that me looking after the twins enabled him to have more “mommy time”. He is only 5 though but he’s a smart cookie so I’m sure he does sort of get what I’m on about lol

Sod’s law, I started writing this entry and I was wide awake. Now I’m starting to feel sleepy, stupid brain! I’ll just say a quick thing about Dracula. The season premiere was tonight and I have to say I am quite intrigued. I watched it and I am quite keen to carry on following it. Jonathan Rhys Meyers does the whole “sex and death” thing so artistically well especially after his role as Henry VIII on the Tudors (which, yes, I did follow all the way through). He was a great choice for Dracula. I love it already lol

I am off. My eyes are droopy. Night y’all.



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