Happy Halloween

Well it is half term now. Last Friday my Grandad drove me over to my aunts to pick up the twins after work. They are such funny little monkeys.
Saturday I had work in the afternoon and mom was out till 6 so I walked the bubs round Nan’s armed with fresh bottles etc and then went to work. I have left my position at HomeSense as of Saturday. It was semi-mutual. I was told I don’t “keep” up with the pace and I said “I know this and I don’t think I ever will”.
Sunday I had work in the morning. In the late afternoon we took the bubs round Nan’s for a cuppa and they had a play on the floor.
Monday and Tuesday at noon I walked them round Nan’s for the afternoon as mom was working both days, all day, and I thought nan could keep me company and give me some adult conversation to drown out the Disney jr. channel that the babies watch lol
Wednesday mom was off as she looks after her nan, and drops her and picks her up from the day centre. We went to Nan’s at lunch time so the bubs could play.
Today we went shopping for items for my Halloween/Fireworks party this Saturday. I got lots of small random decorations to add to the stuff I already have from my previous parties. I also got some sweets for trick ‘N’ treaters (though it’s after 9pm and we’ve only had 1 person knock the door). This morning I put a pumpkin costume hat on the bubs, one at a time, and took a photo of them. Stuck the photos together then captioned it with “Happy Halloween” and uploaded to Facebook.

20131031-103019 pm.jpg(This is them in their little hat – it used to be their big bro Reggie’s costume but I doubt the rest would fit him now)

I can’t believe how quick it’s rolled around. It’s my party in 2 days. I got some pretty cool decorations today. Some little bat and spider shaped lights. I can stick them on windows and round the banister etc. it’s going to look really spooky. Me and my brother are going to put the decorations up around the house tomorrow evening. I don’t have time on Saturday as I am going to a baby shower in the early afternoon and I’m going to get the party food in the morning. My uncles missus is having the shower. They are having a little girl, Macey, and she’s due December 6th. I’ve bought a few bits and some cute vests with funny sayings on. I need to find a presentation basket ad cellophane. I might do that tomorrow.

20131031-102832 pm.jpg(This is what Frankie did to me at 6am one morning by headbutting me. It bled and really hurt and yet the little sod himself was crying!)

I have my psychology essay to fine tune as it’s due November 6th but I’m not too concerned about it as my draft was okay, there’s just a few things written on the feedback sheet. The babies go home tomorrow morning so I have plenty of time to sort that out. As for my bio lab report, I emailed my tutor what I’d done so far and she said it wasn’t bad but I need to talk to her about the last paragraph as I hasn’t completed it yet and she said she’d give me some pointers. Woohoo lol

I am, quite obviously, looking for a new job now. I’ve been looking for stuff the whole time but now I need to step up my game and find something fast. Christmas is approaching, eek!

My uncle (my mom’s brother) has invited us 3 to his place for Christmas this year. He also invited my nan and grandad. He said last year it was just him, his wife and their children and he didn’t enjoy it. He’s grown up in a large family so Christmas has always been a busy affair so I imagine it just being them for the day was strange for him. As for us, I spent my Christmas Day at my aunts last year with her, her partner, their 3 kids, the twins who were only 10 days old, my nan and grandad, my great-grandmother, my aunts in-law family including 2 grandparents, an aunt and a cousin. As well as 3 late arrivals in the form of my brother, my other uncle and his missus (the pregnant one). It was hectic but it’s great having a large family. It’ll be nice to spend Christmas somewhere different this time as I’ve had Christmas with my Aunt twice now. It’s the twins birthday on the 15th so I’ll be over hers, I should think, about then anyway. It’s so exciting!!

It’s now 11:11pm and I’m shattered so I’m going to go to bed after a bit of candy crush. Before I go here is the November challenge list for the FMS photoaday challenge I participate in via instagram :)

20131031-111921 pm.jpg
FMSphotoaday challenge: November
1. Fruit
2. I did this today
3. P is for
4. Table
5. I collect…
6. Music
7. Yes!
8. Someone I miss
9. Mine
10. Book
11. A memory
12. Clouds
13. Part of me
14. Eating
15. In my purse
16. Play
17. 5 o’clock
18. Mirror
19. Where I ate breakfast
20. Communication
21. I wish I had this?
22. Behind
23. Simplicity
24. A word
25. Quirky
26. Message
27. No!
28. I am grateful for…
29. Black
30. All done

So there you have the next monthly list of challenge. As per previous FMS updates I’ll do a blog in a few days with the complete October photo challenge update and all the photos I took for each daily prompt. I’ll also include the Halloween party or perhaps save that for a few days after once I’ve had time to sort through the millions of photos I take lol



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