I was late!

Today the bus was over 30 minutes late. I was already running late having woken up at 8:45 and usually by that time I am on the bus. I managed to get ready in 5 minutes and was waiting for the bus at 9, and the buses come at 08:51, 9:01, 9:11 etc.. so there should have been a bus at 9:01 but by 9:21 not a single bus had passed. Finally at 9:31 a bus showed up, but it was jammed packed with people so I waited for the next one as at this point I was already officially late to class. The next bus showed up less than 2 minutes later and was almost empty so I jumped on. I eventually walked into class at 10am. I had emailed my tutor at 9:30 as to why I would be late which is always polite.

I had work yesterday afternoon. I started at 3 and finished at 7. I got told, in a very rude way, that I’m a slow worker. I wasn’t under the impression that I am suppose to run around the store when I’m working :/ if I had been told I had to run back at the interview then I wouldn’t have accepted the job. Bloody running, that’s ridiculous. What happens if I fell over, injured myself and then tried to sue? The first thing they’d say is “well, you were running and you shouldn’t have been”. You can guarantee it would be like that. I’m working tomorrow. I have the day off college (teacher training day) but I am working at 2.
It is is half term next week and mom and I have the twins for the week. I’m hoping to take them to Wizzy World so they can walk along the furniture all they want and if they fall it’s padded flooring so they’ll be fine. They quite enjoyed it the last time we went, and that was when they were only just thinking of pulling themselves up on things lol
This weekend I am working. I don’t know for sure that I’m in on Sunday but I usually am so it’s a safe bet to assume. The twins are being dropped/picked up Sunday I think, possibly Monday. I may be working one day in the week but it’s only 4-6 hours usually so we’ve worked out what to do with the bubs as we are sharing the daycare between us both lol mom and I, that is. Next Thursday is Halloween. I love it and I can’t wait. We need to buy some candy for the Trick ‘n’ Treaters that’ll start knocking the door on Wednesday lol any earlier and they get told to come back later!
I’ve got the decorations for the party out the attic. I had a look through and I think there’s a few minor items I need but then that’s it. I really want to decorate now haha but it’s a tad too early.
We need to get the fireworks this week. Leave it any later and there won’t beamy left in stock. I need to make sure I get enough sparklers as there is quite a fair amount of kids coming and I’m sure they’ll all want one. Even the adults had a sparkler each last year.

Since I discovered that website for American tv shows, I haven’t stopped watching stuff. I’ve been catching up with PLL (as mentioned in the last blog post) and I’m now on season 4. I saw advertised online the upcoming premiere of PLL season 4 part 2! Once the Americans start viewing the episodes on air, they’ll be posted to this site. Amazing!! Haha I’m going to carry on watching week by week the episodes of The Originals (watched this weeks ep just now), Vampire Diaries (umm, duh!) and supernatural (hey, Castiel is human now so it’s interesting watching that lol). I could wait. But why should I?

I have sent my bio lab report to my tutor. I haven’t completely finished it. I got stuck. So I emailed it and said have a look at what I have done so far and see how it goes and then we can discuss what I’m stuck with after half term :) I got my psych essay draft back, with feedback. Will amend and complete for submitting after half term. Busy, busy, busy! Life of a student.

I was having a look over my last post and I realised I missed something off my “in the next 3 months” list. My uncle’s missus is having a baby shower on November 2nd and I’ve bought some items that I’m going to put in a basket and some cellophane as a gift for her. It’s quite exciting as I’ve never been invited to a shower before even though I’ve known many girls who have had one.

I’m not in class tomorrow but I’m quite tired so I’m going to turn off my light, and kindle, and just chill out with a little bit of music.



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