Get on your broomstick

Halloween is coming!!! I absolutely love this time of year, minus the pouring rain. The leaves start to turn orange and red, the nights draw darker a lot earlier and the sky looks amazing. I am hosting my 4th annual Halloween-slash-fireworks party. It is probably going to be the last one I throw for a few years. That is providing I DO go “away” to University next fall, which is the plan and if that is the case then I won’t be around to throw a party. So, yeah, I am really rather excited about the upcoming party, which is in 20 days.

Speaking of University etc. I received another prospectus. This one was from Southampton Uni. I chose Southampton as an option in my UCAS application after having a good look around at prospective courses available and the locations. The 5 Universities I settled on were; Bournemouth University, City University London, University of Greenwich, King’s College London and finally University of Southampton. Bournemouth is my first choice but I will be quite happy being accepted at any of the others. Southampton would be a great place to study as I can visit my Dad more. He lives in Eastleigh which is about 5 minutes away from Southampton. The problem with going to Southampton is that I’d love to live in halls the first year but it seems a bit silly with only being 45 minutes from home lol We will see what happens next year I guess as I haven’t even submitted my application yet (due date is January 2014) so I have till then to finish the entire thing. Plus I won’t get any feedback regarding the Universities wanting to meet me, and me seeing the Universities inside and out till at least the spring time.

I have been given the outlines for my essays in Law class, Psychology class and Sociology class. As well as the lab report for biology. I have finished the Law essay which is due in October 15th. Luckily for me it is an unmarked piece of writing so I can do my best and see how it goes. Any feedback which help me lay my essays out better next time for my marked pieces.

Our store opened on October 3rd. I was scheduled to work that afternoon, which I did. It was crazy, lots of customers and everyone was on their best behaviour. We were predicted to take in over £20k and we took just over £28k I think. That is really impressive for a new store in these economic times. I worked that Thursday, the Friday, Saturday and the Sunday. By the Sunday I was knackered. My body isn’t as quick as it use to be and things tire me out a lot quicker now. Plus I am on my feet all shift which I have never had to do in any of my previous roles. I worked yesterday, for 4 hours and today for 4 hours. I was on the tills the entire time. My mother managed to sneak in the store today, browse for an item, get in the queue for the tills and purchase it without me even noticing her. It is impressive as I was on the tills today, all day, and we only have 6 therefore I SHOULD HAVE seen her but I didn’t. She bought a cheese slicer lol If you want to see what our store is about have a look on the HomeSense website:

I have recently found a website that allows you to watch full episodes of a range of TV programmes that have been released in America but not yet in the UK. Such as, Vampire Diaries season 5, the Originals, Supernatural season 9, Hart of Dixie season 3 and Arrow season 2. I have watched the new episodes of TVD (the Vampire Diaries), as well the Originals. I caught up with the season premier of Supernatural as well as finishing up season 2 of Hart of Dixie and finally the premier of Arrow’s season 2. I was scrolling through the list of shows available to watch and guess what I found….. Pretty Little Liars. MTV announced, after season 2 concluded last year, that they were no longer airing the next series and therefore the UK missed out on seasons 3 and 4. Until now. I have started watching season 3. I can’t believe how much I missed watching it. The website is called Season Wars and it is really good. I can even watch things on my KindleFire as well as my iPhone. [Click here for site]

So that is what I have been up to. Oh, and I have been following this month’s FMS photo-a-day challenge list. Today’s word was “Watching” so I took a photo of the title frame of Pretty Little Liars episode I was watching and posted that.

As it stands there is 10 weeks and 3 days till Christmas. At the moment no one likes that word because of course Christmas is a big money spender. My uncle and his missus’ little girl is due on the 6th December. They are naming her Macey, which I think is cute as my uncle’s girlfriend said her nickname will probably be “Macey Moo” lol

So in the next 3 months I have many things to look forward to including:

  • First half term holiday
  • Halloween
  • My mixed Halloween and fireworks party
  • Actual Guy Fawkes night
  • Advent countdown from December 1st
  • New baby cousin being born
  • The Twins 1st birthday (very excited for this)
  • Christmas eve, day and boxing day
  • New years eve and new years day

That is all for now folks. Keep watching.




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