October looms

I know I haven’t been on here in over a week. I have just been too busy. I started typing a post on here last Thursday and I saved it as a “draft” but it is now out of date. It has been scrapped and I am now typing this one lol

We did have the twins the weekend before last (20th-22nd). I had them Friday afternoon, evening and all night. Plus from 5am Saturday morning till I went to training at 9:30. Mr Manager was there, in the store that day. I barely spoke to him though lol Then when I got in at 5pm I took over and I did dinner, bath, bottle and bed. Mom had them Sunday and dropped them back by 1pm, such a light weight lol On Friday evening they were have some “floor” time before having their bath and in front of our TV unit there is 3 unopened large packs of Nappies. No idea why they are there, they just are. Fred decided this was the perfect opportunity to climb on them and touch the TV. So he did. Then Frankie followed and I have a photo of them both stood on a pack of Nappies in front of the TV, such cheeky monkeys.

Last week I had class all week, as usual. In Study Skills we had our Library induction. Friday I had work at 5pm till 9pm. I didn’t fancy walking there so I scrounged a ride from my cousin :) My mom picked me up at 9. Saturday I worked a 10 hour shift which ruined my feet. I actually cried when I got in the car at 10pm that night, and I hardly ever cry. Sunday I woke up to a blinding migraine but I took a combination of tablets and I hoped it would go away but it still hadn’t gone by 3pm so I asked if I could leave work because I was feeling nauseous which is not good! I came home and laid down for a few hours. I felt a lot better by dinner time so I had some munchies and then had a bath and got into bed.

Today I had first half of Law and then Tutorial. My tutor spoke to me, and one other student, about our UCAS applications as they are due to be completed and submitted by January 15th. Only us 2 are full time students, in his tutor group, so we are the ones off to University next Summer, hopefully. I’ve started my application  but there is a lot to do so will need to keep on it, get all the references I needed and sort my personal statement out etc. It is exciting though :)

It is my BFF’s 21st birthday today. She lives so far so I can’t go visit but I mailed her a birthday card on Friday. I doubt she reads my blog, but if she does then Happy 21st Birthday bitch ;)

It is October 1st tomorrow. I cannot believe how quick September seemed to go. I have been super busy so perhaps that is why. You know what a new month means? A new FMS photo a day challenge list. I have got October’s list already, which is good as it is 01/10 tomorrow. I will post tomorrow the entire contents of my September photo challenges, in a nice neat collage as I have done in the past few months :) I love these challenges, it gets me thinking about things I see and I just find it exciting to have a new “word or phrase” everyday.

October challenge:

  1. Something Colourful
  2. Light
  3. You Today
  4. In Motion
  5. Afternoon
  6. 8 O’clock
  7. What You Saw Today
  8. Corner
  9. Pink
  10. Hands
  11. M Is For
  12. Below
  13. Watching
  14. Favourite Space
  15. Secret
  16. Leafy
  17. First World Problem
  18. Still
  19. A Good Day
  20. Open
  21. Then And Now
  22. Change
  23. Your Mood Today
  24. Dark
  25. Welcome
  26. Depth Of Field
  27. Peaceful
  28. Just For You
  29. Hair
  30. Wet
  31. Treat

20130930-043929 pm.jpg</

So that is the October photo challenge. I will post tomorrow my collage of photos for last month’s (September) challenge from beginning to end.



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