Psychology brain wave

Today I had my second Psychology class. Wednesday’s at 09:30 till 12:30. I was really drained this morning because A) I am borderline anaemic and B) Today I started my PMS and my blood loss is rather quite heavy!!! So you can imagine them two factors (sorry for TMI) make me very drained and tired. Luckily today’s lesson was actually centered around a subject that I had studied at Psychology GCSE level and the included experiment. I remembered it, mostly and it was great. It made me feel quite impressed that I remembered it. I went to my Nan’s after college, my mom picked me up and we popped in for a cuppa. I typed up today’s psych notes.

I had KFC for dinner. I don’t eat it that often so I quite enjoyed it. We got home about 5pm after we’d dropped the old dear back home. We watched Emmerdale then I watched some TiVo stuff from Monday. At 9ish me and my bro decided to watch Sinister so we put it on. I wanted to watch it because I got it mixed up with Insidious which is what I actually wanted to see. I’d seen the trailer for Insidious 2 and thought I should watch the first one lol I guess I forgot the name and when I saw my bro had purchased this other one I got confused lol as a whole Sinister wasn’t that good, wasn’t as “scary” as you’d expect and I think it’s not really worth paying for but hey ho, I didn’t pay lol afterwards we watched the season 8 finale of Supernatural. I love it and I can’t wait for season 9!!!

I was asked today if I could babysit the twins (I think) this weekend but obviously I can’t do it due to training. But my mom said she doesn’t mind having them as long as I have them Friday night whilst she’s working. Of course I don’t mind, I haven’t seen them in a few weeks lol
I’ve got sociology tomorrow and my homework due so it’s a good job I’ve already completed it :)

The new iOS for iPhone, iPod and iPad was released today and after 2 hours of downloading it and an hour of installing I finally have it. It looks so different and it’s taken an hour or so to get use to the whiteness lol

20130919-121046 am.jpg
I’m tired, as you know, so I’m off to bed now as I’ve done my homework and all my notes are typed up-to-date :)



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