Week two, day two

So I survived my first weekend of training. The first day (Saturday) we mostly walked around the store looking at the different departments and then being assigned in pairs to a department to rearrange stock and maintain the area. Sunday we spent 2 hours prior to store opening learning the tills. When it opened we were split in half, one half spent an hour before lunch, and an hour after on the tills serving actual customers. At half 2 it was my turn with my till buddy. It was good. I didn’t realise it would be that easy. If I could stay on tills every shift I’d be happy lol

Yesterday I handed in my typed up tutorial assignment but my tutor wants a paragraph of my handwriting to see how I write etc. I have done that today and I will hand it in tomorrow. Today in tutorial we got our college ID’s and computer log ins so we can now access stuff from college and home. Our email hasn’t been set up yet but it will be.

20130916-113927 PM.jpg(My College ID)

I finished my sociology assignment today after college and tomorrow I’ll pop into the LRC to print it off.
I have the second half of law tomorrow but I get a lay in because my class isn’t till 11am :) After law I have study skills then that’s it, finished by 2.
I watched Emmerdale at 7 tonight whilst typing up my law notes from today. Then I watched “Hart of Dixie” a bit later before coming up to bed to watch a few episodes of Dexter. I’m really getting into it now, and I’ve already watched 8 episodes of series 1! I’ve just turned it off because I’m tired so I’m off to play some solitaire on my iPhone for half hour then it’s bed time.



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