I survived

Well I survived my first week at college. I handed in my Law assignment on Tuesday and the answers were basically correct so I was pleased with that. I had my first psychology lesson on Wednesday morning. My lecturer was too chipper for 9:30 in the morning lol I made a start on my tutorial assignment and saved it on my USB so I could finish the last paragraph later.
I had my first sociology class on Thursday morning. We were given our first assignment for it. So that was my third piece of homework this week.
Today I had my first Human & Social Biology class. It was quite interesting and we had to do an activity with a partner.

20130913-080050 PM.jpg(Our fish for our activity)

I found the recipe below in the Morrison’s magazine today. They look scrumptious!!

20130913-080235 PM.jpg

I finished my tutorial assignment today whilst at my Nan’s. I had dinner here too, after grandad drove me home to I could drop the shopping bags off and pick up a phone charger. On my USB got a folder per subject and inside that folder is a folder for each Unit (1, 2 and 3) and then one for “homework” and finally an “assignment” one. I love being organised.

I have my first weekend of work training in Reading this weekend. Tomorrow I have to get on the train at 8:30 and the same on Sunday. Long week this will have been lol on a good note, I got a £306 tax rebate so that’s my temporary monetary worries gone for now :)



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