Day one is complete

Well I went to college this morning. My first class was Law at 9:30. I got to college really early, I entered the gate at 9am so I may get the later bus in future lol we did icebreakers for most the class so we could get to know our classmates but there was a little “introduction to Law” in the last half hour. We were given homework! Homework, one day in. Admittedly it is only 5 questions and they weren’t too difficult so I’ve already completed it and its due in tomorrow for the second half of my Law lesson as its split into two 90 minute lessons. I also have homework from tutorial and it’s to write an autobiographical piece which has to be at least one side of an A4 sheet and we have a starter guide for things to talk about.
Tomorrow I have Law the study skills. Study skills teaches us how to structure our essays and brush up on paragraphing and general studious stuff.

20130909-050429 PM.jpg(Studying. Already. College life ay?)

I have a lay-in tomorrow as Law class doesn’t start till 11:00. Will have to make sure I have some money on me as I will need to buy some lunch. I know the canteen use to sell sausage rolls for like 70p so I may have one of those. I haven’t been a student at FCOT since 2007 so a lot can change in that time lol

I have my work training this weekend in Reading. My manager is going to call me closer to the day to discuss our travel arrangements.

That’s all for today.



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