Mr Manager

Yesterday (as in Tuesday) I went to my college induction. I hadn’t known how long I’d be there, as previous inductions at the sixth form had only been a few hours long so this time I didn’t take lunch or money. By noon I was starving but they said we’d be gone by 2 and we were. We were split into groups via our surnames and did some “ice-breaker” activities then we had an assembly so the vice principal could introduce herself. She also told us about the college’s code of conduct. After this we had a break then we filled out and signed some forms then we did some diagnostic tests online and finally we were finished, yippee lol
My first class is on Monday at 9:30 and I’m really excited about it.

20130905-124908 AM.jpg(My College Timetable)

Today I attended my work induction. As the store isn’t ready it was held at the business centre in town. I felt like such a loser because I missed the first day, which was yesterday, because of college. Plus we were separated into 3 tables of like 15/20 people and I was the last to sit at mine so I had no access to the table. I ended up “marooned” on an island, meaning I was sat away from “the big table” of people at a little table full of water bottles lol it did have an upside, everyone had to walk to me to get a drink and the hot guy, the one who interviewed me, was there as he’s a manager (I think). He walked over to get a drink and actually recognised me from my very strange interview, he was like “oh hey you, how are you?” Plus later on I was chatting to a girl about family and kids and Mr Manager was walking past and he asked me how the babysitting was going? Lol clearly he remembered that, clever sod. I showed him my lock screen wallpaper of the bubs asleep and he went “aww”. He works out of the Reading store and I somehow managed to get my training to be done there, even though initially I was down for Chichester. Awesome! My training is next weekend and the one after that.

20130905-125924 AM.jpg(My work name badge)

We had a break at work induction and I went down to the centre to get my uncle’s girlfriend a birthday card. I was starving as I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I nipped into Greggs and got some sausage rolls and I gave my Nan 2 as she works in the building that my induction was in so I met her in reception lol whilst in Greggs I saw these cute little cupcakes and I absolutely had to take a photo lol

20130905-010155 AM.jpgGorgeous little cupcakes :)

I saw on Facebook that they’ve cast the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming “50 shades” movie. I can’t say I’m impressed. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a great body but he doesn’t have the right face and as for the role of Ana, well the girl they’ve cast looks like a high class hooker. She does not have the innocent look that Ana is suppose to have, being a virgin an all. I’m not happy at all and I don’t think I will be paying cinema prices to see it.

I don’t have much planned for the rest of this week and weekend. I am slowly weaning myself off of having a lay-in so I’m back to early mornings before Monday. I’m so excited I just can’t wait but I’m sure once I do start I’ll be moaning that I just want to lay-in lol Sod’s law ay?

I’m off to bed as it was a long day.

Night y’all :)


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