New “school” year has started

Well as of today the new school year has officially started though many of us won’t actually return till the end of this week, possibly next week like me.
Today also marks the end of my August fmsphotoaday challenges. Click this page: August’s Photo-a-day Challenge list for the end of the month FMSphoto-a-day snapshots update.

The September photo challenge list was released on Instagram a few days ago and I have a snap shot of it :)

20130902-082954 PM.jpg
1st – Together
2nd – My name begins with …
3rd – Line
4th – Alone
5th – Here forever
6th – Getting ready
7th – White
8th – Made by me
9th – On the wall
10th – Sweet
11th – What I did today
12th – Shadow
13th – Unexpected
14th – Liquid
15th – Season
16th – Frame
17th – In front of me
18th – Vintage
19th – What is this?
20th – In the morning
21st – Rule of thirds
22nd – Made me smile
23rd – From my childhood
24th – Space
25th – H is for
26th – Curve
27th – WTF?
28th – 10 o’clock
29th – Gold
30th – Found

So that is the September photoaday challenge. Watch this space in 30 days for another “photo recap”.



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