There’s no room at the inn

Wednesday I went to the job centre to see my advisor. She did my pre-signing off, which basically means filling out a form ready for the date I actually sign off. I watched supernatural in the evening as its on Wednesdays at 10pm and 11pm. I love it!!!

Thursday I finally went shopping for my college supplies. I bought 4 folders, all different colours for each subject. I bought a bag (that my folders fit into), I got 2 chunky notepads, a new pack of pens and hi-lighters, a new pencil case, a 2013/2014 day-to-day planner and some plastic wallets for work sheets. My bag only cost £6 and it’s really cool. I think I had everything now :)

20130831-023943 AM.jpg(My college supplies)

Thursday evening my grandad picked me up and we went to the cinema. We had 2-for-1 tickets to see The Lone Ranger so we watched it as he had wanted to see it. It was quite funny but I knew it would be with Johnny Depp in it. My aunt phoned me and asked me if I’d have the twins Sunday night so she could take the other 3 kids to some crocodile thing on Monday as they go back to school at the end of next week. I said I would I don’t mind but they got dropped here today (Friday) lol they were dropped late-ish so they just had a jar of dinner, a bottle and then went to bed. They were both asleep in the cot by 10. By 11 Fred woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep till he was laid on my bed so he was asleep in my bed then at 1am Frankie decided he didn’t want the cot to himself, woke up crying and wouldn’t go back down so I’ve got both of them in my bed and about 4 inches of bed space for me lol this is not what I signed up for this weekend, being kicked out my own bed!! I’m managing, but it’s a struggle. I’m hoping to take them to wizzy world again, maybe tomorrow so they can wear themselves out lol
I have induction at college next week and at work too. That’s basically it I think.
I’m shattered its almost 3am!!!



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