Day 26: Entrance

I have been 22 for 9 days now and it hasn’t been too bad. On Tuesday 20th, I got a phone call regarding the HomeSense interview I had, I got the job! About bloody time I landed something. I am only contracted for 12 hours, as it is part-time, but I can always do overtime. The lady said they are sending me out some stuff in the mail that I need to fill out, and then we have an induction day on September 4th.

It was 2 of my cousins birthdays this week also. Sophie was 8 on the 20th and Charlotte was 11 on the 22nd. Their mom, my aunt-in-law, had her birthday on the 23rd. My friend in Australia has a little girl and her 2nd birthday was on the 22nd too. Her birthday is September, she is the same age as me :)

The bubs came to stay on Wednesday. Frankie has 3 teeth now, with one popping the gums and Fred has 4, with the 5th one just poking through and a 6th thinking of popping. They are 8 months now and such energetic little boys. They’ve recently started pulling themselves up on furniture, and people’s legs but they don’t quite understand that they can’t just “let go” as they’ll fall, and hurt themselves. This means I am constantly watching them both when they are having some play time on the floor, and it completely knackered me out as it is just hard work lol Fred has also started saying “Dadadadad” and he seems to do it when you are ignoring him, like if he’s been baby-talking to you and you haven’t responded to him, yet, he starts going Dad dad dad dad. It sounds so cute, and I knew he would say it before Frankie. Thursday night they played up and it was a long day as I hadn’t slept the night before so I was surviving on air lol and the bubs decided they didn’t want to go to sleep. Fred had wind and settled finally after being sick, on me lol Frankie was hungry so Mom fed him an extra bottle and he settled too. It was a long evening though! They went home Sunday and I do miss them when they aren’t around because they are such happy babies, most the time lol

Monday I didn’t do much, I had a little tidy around the house but left the dishes for my brother because he hadn’t done them for awhile lol Mom and I went to Morrison’s to grab some groceries and we bought some cookie mixes. I made the chocolate chips ones last night and they tasted quite delicious. I do enjoy baking cakes, I just hate cooking dinner lol

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

Baking in the oven

The smell delicious :)

I saw this advert the other day for Paco Rabanne’s new fragrance for men. The guy in the ad is smoking hot and it took me ages to figure out who he is. His name is Nick Youngquest, he is a 30 year old former Australian rugby player. He is hot, hot and hot. He is most definitely being added to my eye candy list ;)

Today I haven’t done anything, except a job search and popped in Nan’s to say Hi and use her computer for this blog, and my job search. And facebook :)

I have the jobcentre tomorrow afternoon, got to see my advisor and check in with her on signing off etc. That is basically what I am doing this week; nada!

I want to go shopping for a college bag, some folders (I need one per subject; 4) and some new stationery, maybe. I am really excited about college now, I can’t wait to start.

In regards to the title of this post, it refers to my FMSphotoaday that I am participating in on Instagram. Today’s phrase is “10 minutes from home” but yesterday’s was “Entrance” and I missed it as I forgot so I took a photo of my Nan’s doorway today. I am liking this month’s challenge but it is strange as the month is almost over now and yet it only feels like yesterday it was starting. Before we know it will be Halloween, then fireworks night and finally Christmas! I am looking forward to Halloween, I am thinking, if possible, I will throw my 4th annual Halloween-slash-fireworks party. It’ll be fun if I do, I enjoyed last year’s one.

Right I gotta go home and have some dinner.



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