I’m feeling 22

Well it was my 22nd birthday yesterday. We had breakfast in the hotel. I had tea, toast and sausages, not bad. We left the hotel at 11 and I was quite happy to be home again but then everyone went out at 3 and I was left alone. Usually I wouldn’t mind but it was my birthday and it was a Sunday. Sundays are so boring, nothing in TV, shops shut early and everyone is always busy. So for a birthday, the actual day was quite boring lol plus a friend I’ve known a long time promised to come over and hang but cancelled at the last minute, and gave me a rubbish reason why so I guess I was a little disappointed that I never seem to be anyone’s priority, especially not to those that are MY priority. If I make the effort, why can’t they?

I spent the whole day watching back-to-back episodes of The secret life of the American teenager on my kindle. My cousin popped in to say “Hi” and “happy birthday” on his way past my house. It was great to see him and catch up. After he left I carried on watching TV on my kindle, later I got into bed and went sleep about 3am.
Today I didn’t get up to much. Did some job hunting, watched “Beauty and the beast” on TiVo. I can’t believe I missed 4 episodes because TiVo went all weird and corrupted my recordings by recording something else on top of what was meant to record! I had meatballs for dinner, and that’s it, as I’ve had this horrid headache/migraine since Friday. It dulled over the weekend but its back with a vengeance today. I am in bed, no light, no tv or kindle and it’s only just midnight lol even though I’m not exactly tired I’m going to try to sleep, in this lovely darkroom as my head is killing me!!! That’s my life so far, day 1 of being 22 completed, only 364 to go.



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