Mom and I arrived at the hotel around noon. We went to reception to pre-check in so all we had to do at 2pm was grab our room keys. We went straight to the spa and fitness centre so we could jump in the pool. We did some lengths and chilled on the loungers. At half 2 we got out, had a shower and went to our room to drop our stuff off. Mom had her first spa treatment at 3 and I had my Full body massage at 4 followed by my pedicure. Mom had her second treatment at half 4. I thoroughly enjoyed both the massage and the pedicure. I got back to our room at 6ish, got ready for our meal out with nan and grandad. They picked us up at 6:45. We went to the harvester down the road. I enjoyed a lovely steak and chips with garlic bread for a starter. We asked the waiter it he’d mind putting the candles on the cake and bringing it out. He did, with another waitress and they sang “Happy Birthday” as did some customers lol we left the restaurant about 9ish and were dropped back to the hotel. We decided to have a quick drink in the bar before coming up to bed, so we did, mom and I. Now we are in bed watching a movie on the tele but we are tired so we’ll probably crash soon.
I am 22 tomorrow!!! Everyone on Facebook has been writing on my wall Happy birthday and it isn’t even today lol

Me in my robe, Mom in her robe, me after a swim and us after a swim

The swimming pool, Me ready for my birthday meal, Me upclose and Mom ready for the meal

Mom in the pool, me in the pool, the shower area and my spa slippers

My pedicure, Mom and I at dinner, Nan and Grandad with me at Dinner and My birthday cake


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