He has 4 teeth

Freddie woke me up yesterday morning at 5:30 but he went back to sleep at half 6 after a bottle of milk. I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs and had some breakfast. It was mom’s day off work so we decided to take the babies to Wizzy World so they could crawl in the soft play area and not risk hurting themselves. They thoroughly enjoyed it and it majorly tired them out. They were BOTH in bed asleep by 9:10pm. I couldn’t believe it and I half expected one of them to wake up by midnight but they didn’t, they both woke up at 7ish so I was quite pleased with that. We spent the morning at my house but at lunch we went to our Nan’s. We ended up staying for dinner, the babies had mash potato, cabbage and carrot all mashed together and we had toad in the hole. When we got back home they had a fruit yoghurt, then a bottle then a bath each and finally their last bottle. Mom got in from work and we opened a bottle of rosé wine, it tasted great and we watched Holby City (Mom’s favourite show, not mine). Fred fell asleep by half 9 so I put him in the cot. Frank was asleep by 10:15 but woke up when I put him in the cot so I had to get him back out so he wouldn’t wake Fred up lol he had wind, and played up fussing for ages but eventually he gave in to his tiredness and fell asleep laid on me so I left him there for ages so he would be asleep properly before I moved him. Mom and I watched a movie after her tv show, we watched bridesmaids which is so funny. It finished just before midnight so I’m now in bed ready to sleep. I’ve got a god awful menstural migraine and it sucks!

Tomorrow I have an interview for a sales assistant type role at a new store that’s opening soon. This means I have to put makeup on!

Fred has 4 teeth. He was laughing at me earlier and I could see clearly the two new ones at the top, one has come through lots since it popped a few weeks ago. Frank’s one that “popped” hasn’t come through enough to be seen properly yet. They’ve been a bit fussy over their teethies today, I hope tomorrow is a better day lol

Birthday in 4 days now. I can’t wait for the spa, it’ll be so much fun. I need a new bikini bra if we are going to use all the facilities lol

I’m knackered and my head hurts so I’m off to bed ;)



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