1 week

Exactly 1 week till my birthday!!! The overnight stay, including breakfast at the hotel is booked and paid for. The spa treatments have been pre-booked for next Saturday. I’m having a full body massage and a pedicure, mom is having a back, neck and shoulder relief massage and a leg relief massage. We’re going to use the other facilities before we can officially get in our hotel room, so that includes the swimming pool, gym, sauna and something else that I can’t remember the name of. I can’t wait, it’ll be so relaxing which is most certainly THE POINT! lol

I had a job interview on Thursday but it was in an awkward place to get to for a non-driver, like me. The guy said he will let me know next week sometime.
Job centre sorted me out 2 job roles. I filled out an application for one whilst I was at the job centre on Friday and the other I gave my cv to. I also applied online for some part-time roles available at the Boots around this area, Farnborough and Camberley so hopefully one of them will give me something :)

I went into town and had my haircut today. It cost me £15 and all they did was trim the ends. Such a rip off! I dyed my hair when I got home as that was what I had been waiting to do once I’d got it cut. My hair is bright red ATM but it will fade after a few washes, which is what I’m going for lol

I had dinner at my Nan’s, we had a fry up and I finished putting all the phone book contacts into their new house phone for them. Mom picked me up from my Nan’s after she’d stopped for a cuppa. I finished watching Harry Potter that we’d had on at Nan’s. I love it, it was the goblet of fire, I had forgotten how dark that one was! When it was finished I got into bed but I weren’t tired so I watched the film Looper on my kindle. It’s about time travel. I had seen the trailer back when it was at the cinema and I kept saying I wanted to see it but I never did. Well now I have and it’s not a bad movie. Then I went through my lovefilm wish list and picked something new to watch, Secret life of an American teenager, very funny and sad at the same time. I’m on episode 7 and its almost 6am. I am really tired now so I’m going to try to get 4 hours asleep before I have to get up. My nan, grandad and myself are going to the white dove rally tomorrow (technically today now) and they’re picking me up at 11ish. When we are done there we are going to have dinner at a pub/restaurant then swing past my aunts to pick up the twins. I’ve got them from tomorrow till Wednesday I think. Apparently they are pulling themselves up on the couch now, both of them! Nightmares lol

I’m sleepy, night y’all :)


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