Unlucky for some..

13 days till my birthday. I still have nothing planned but I expect we’ll end up doing something right at the last minute. I’m no longer bothered about it because it is only my 22nd, can always make up for it in 3 years for my 25th lol

Friday: The bubs went home at 11am. Frankie had me up at 4am. He had wind, was hungry (as he didn’t drink his bottle before bed) and his teeth were hurting. He proper screamed at me till I had sorted his wind out, given him some Dentinox for his teeth and finally he had his bottle. He went back to sleep at 6 and so did I lol Fred woke at 8 so I got about 2 hours kip. I had the jobcentre at 14:50 so I got on the bus at 2pm so I could go to the bank before the jobcentre. When I was finished in the JC I got the bus to my Nan’s so I could use her computer and let the dog out for a bit as it was too warm to leave her cooped up. My mom took me to get KFC for tea after she finished work. It was yum, and more enjoyable as we haven’t had it for such a long time it was a nice change.

Saturday: I didn’t do much. I had a lay in and just chilled most the day. Went to my Nan’s for a cuppa with my mom as she was off this weekend. We opened a bottle of wine after dinner and watched some tv together. I don’t like wine but it’s alright if you had some fresh OJ lol

Sunday: We had Sunday roast at my nan’s. She did turkey with lots of potatoes. Sunday’s are boring, mom and I struggled to keep entertained because the TV options were rubbish so we ended up with a movie we’ve already seen; Percy Jackson and the olympians the lightning thief. It’s a good movie and the sequel is out at the cinema on Wednesday. It is called Percy Jackson; sea of monsters. The trailer looks quite awesome. I made a list on my iPhone of all the movies that have been released at the cinema this year, and those that are due to be released that I’d like to see at some point.

Monday: The weather here is utterly rubbish, so wet. The clouds are so dark it has made parts of my house look dark and dingy which reminds that winter is coming in 3-to-4 months and I can’t wait. Halloween is my favourite fall holiday though I haven’t decided if I want to throw my fourth halloween-slash-fireworks party. If I am working whilst studying by October then I will probably do the party, so it all depends on money, as usual, I guess lol I finally got a call from payment enquiries about my lack of money from the jobcentre. They said my 6 monthly review was now completed and I should have my money by 5pm today. I checked my account, I do :) I don’t want to blow it on my birthday though, so once I have paid my mom back I am going to watch what I spend. I have got dinner in the oven and I have just finished my job hunt for today so am going to chill with my dinner and some TV. Emmerdale is on at 7 and then Hart of dixie at 8 so Monday’s aren’t all bad ;)

I’m just watching Jeremy Kyle USA. There’s a woman whose sister slept with her husband 2 days before the wedding! She then got knocked up, failed to mention her brother-in-law was the father and then when it all came out seemed to be very “blase” about it. What is wrong with women? Cheating on your own sister, it is one of them lines you just do not cross, like, ever! Everyone knows this, it is like you don’t date your best-friends’ exes or any close friends’ exes either. It is just an unspoken, world-widely known agreement. Like, a guy doesn’t usually date his best-friend’s’ little sister, unless by some chance the brother actually has “blessed” them, very rare though.

I, myself, have been cheated on and it was bad enough he cheated with an old friend of his, let alone have her living with him and his mother previous to the incident. He was good friends with her and she had been relocated with work to an area about 40 minutes from him so he and his mother said she could stay with them in the spare room while she got her new place sorted. I had NO reason not to trust him, I never thought they’d do what they did. She was only with them for a couple of weeks and the incident, as far as I am aware, actually occurred at her new house whilst my Ex was helping her move all her shit in. They got drunk, and were probably off their face on drugs according to his Mom, and basically had a dirty weekend. That was in December 2011. I didn’t find out till March 2012, and that was because she got pregnant!!! And told him that from her scan at 12 weeks (in March) that the baby must’ve been his, even though she had actually been sleeping with some guy she had been “seeing” into the new year. My ex told me, what I thought was the entire story though most of the details came out months later, and I broke up with him the same day. The first thing he said, and kept saying until about August that year, “I don’t know how the baby could possibly be mine, she must have raped me or something as I do not remember having sex with her…” At first I was confused to her dates, and the weekend it was supposedly meant to have happened, plus the fact he said she reckoned they were drunk and I knew for a fact it only took 1 beer for him to lose his “momentum” in the bedroom so if he was plastered then he wouldn’t have been able to “get it up” for nobody. Eventually he revealed he had moved in with her after her gender scan, and he was all “I love L***, and my boy and we’re a little family” so I was like “Oh, very interesting development”. He was very clearly banging her whilst we were together and it makes me sick because we had tried to conceive our first baby for over a year and nothing had happened, and because we were TTC-ing we weren’t using anything protective so when he had sex with her, for the three months after that weekend between them, I was effectively having sex with her (if that makes sense). How the heck can someone say they love you, and then do something like that? It makes no sense and to not only cheat, but to get caught out because you’ve knocked her up, it is just madness. It hurt me because she got pregnant but being cheated on by a guy who claimed to have a low sex-drive, well, clearly he was a liar LOL 2012 didn’t start off great, and it took me most of the year to bounce back. My mom was a huge part of that, as was my friend TLC. We met about 3 weeks after I became single and he was going through marital problems, and obviously my head was all over the place with my ex so we kept each other going through our shared crap and now we are really great friends. We spent a lot of the first 6 months together, hanging out, cheering each other up, and I was there when his marriage broke down the for first time and the last time. We don’t see each other as much now, but we do keep in contact which is great. If it weren’t for him, and my family I’d have sunk last year. I suppose turning 21 and having a party to plan kept me occupied, then working too, and my halloween party and the twins being born and christmas etc.. It is all about keeping busy.




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