Pinch, punch…

… 1st of the month, no returns!
Omg it is August. Where the heck has this year gone? 2013 seems too quick. I’ve got 17 days till my 22nd birthday ;)

The bubs are still here but they’re going home this evening. Frank’s first top tooth came through so for once he’s beaten Fred at something hehe

I follow a lady on Instagram who does this thing where for every day of the month there’s a word and you have snap a photo of your interpretation and then Instagram it. As long as you put the hash tag #fmsphotoaday and what day it is, like #day1 then it’ll show up under the tag. I did the month of July except for the last day because the phrase was “work space” and I’m unemployed lol the lady posted a photo list of the words for the month and you just check which day you’re on and find something to snap lol today’s one is “something beginning with N” so I snapped a photo of the bag of nappies I bought on Tuesday for the bubs.

July’s photo a day challenge was:
1. Happiness is
2. Shoes
3. Cold
4. Red, white or blue
5. Love
6. Fave smell
7. Where are you?
8. Path
9. Three things
10. Smooth
11. I wore this!
12. Bad habit
13. 4 o’clock
14. Edible
15. Outside the window
16. Bottle
17. Inspiration
18. Number
19. Building
20. Hot
21. Fave food
22. Grey
23. I drew this!
24. D is for…
25. Ground
26. The everyday
27. Black and white
28. This is new!
29. Perspective
30. Friendship
31. Work space

20130802-120315 AM.jpg

As it is now August there is a new photo a day list released now. August challenge list is as follows:
1. Something beginning with “N”
2. Incomplete
3. Skyline
4. Fresh
5. Early
6. This means a lot to me
7. A sign
8. Peek-a-boo
9. 2 o’clock
10. Beverage
11. I love doing this!
12. Macro
13. Fast
14. Trash
15. The best
16. Cooking
17. Exercise
18. Someone you spoke to today
19. Lost
20. Stairs
21. Slow
22. A room
23. Yellow
24. In the background
25. Culture
26. Entrance
27. 10 minutes from home
28. Corridor
29. Lucky
30. Cluttered
31. Dangerous

20130802-121636 AM.jpg
I shall do a summary update on this challenge in September :)

To change the subject before bed, I was in the shower the other day and I noticed one of my breasts is significantly smaller than the other. This wouldn’t be noticeable if I had “normal” to “small” boobs but mine are huge so it’s really noticeable. I don’t know why one has shrunk or the other has grown. I know it’s natural for women to have uneven sizes but its so random lol plus the one that has stayed massive is the one that always seem to ache on/off so I wonder …

Anyways, the bubs go back home tomorrow morning and I’ve got the job centre at 2:50pm, oh joy! A guy emailed me about a temporary role in my hometown so maybe that will be something for the interim?

Night y’all, TTFN x


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