18 days to go

There is 18 days till the 18th – which is my birthday. I haven’t sorted anything out in regards to “a plan”. I’d still like to go to the Harry Potter tour but I’m still not working so I can’t book the tickets till I have some money.

I got a call from a job I had applied for, though it wasn’t really a role I’d consider doing and I didn’t expect to hear back. I had an interview on Wednesday last week and they asked me to do a work trial on Saturday. It was 3 hours and all I did was watch the girl do stuff, and I only remember a handful of things she did as she did hundreds of them. She said I’d know by Tuesday if I had the job. I didn’t hear back so I assume I didn’t get it.

Been on bub duty since Saturday. They are funny. Freddo can crawl properly now and pulls himself onto his knees by using the couch lol they go back tomorrow. They woke me at 5:45am this morning (well Tuesday morning) and apart from the half hour nap I managed at 7am I haven’t slept since. It’s 1:30am here, early hours of Wednesday morning, and I’m shattered.
I haven’t got much to report except my job hunt continues, my uncle and his girlfriend found out they are having a little girl so another female cousin for me lol that’s about it so. Bit short but I’m shattered so TTFN x


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