I’ve cheered up now

So, I’ve finally stopped moaning. We are all entitled to a few days of “grumpiness”. Mine has ended now and thank god, because it is Friday. And I’ve most certainly got that Friday feeling whoop whoop ;)

I had a job interview this morning and it seemed to go relatively well. The lady said she’s making a decision this afternoon to pick a few candidates for a trial work day to see who is up to scratch. I’m excited as it’ll be nice to see what I would be doing if I got the job :) it’s part time, which suits me when I start college. The shifts rotate on a 7am – 3pm, a 3pm till 11pm and a 11pm till 7am. I can do them all right now but in 6 weeks I will only be able to do the afternoon and night (but not the night too often or I’ll fall asleep in class lol)
That’s my update so far for today. I’ve got some chores to do soon and more job hunting.

So yeah, TTFN x


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