It’s a boy

So, the Duchess of Cambridge finally gave birth on Monday to a little boy. He weighed 8lb 6oz, born at 16:24 in London at the Lindo Wing where his father had been born 31 years previous. Kate looked very well and extremely happy. William looked proud as punch and it looked so natural when he carried the baby for a few minutes. They’ve stated they are still mulling with names for him but will try to pick and announce it very soon. I reckon he could be a Henry or a James. If he’s a Henry he’ll be the 9th Henry on the thrown making him Henry the 9th, obviously. Not sure on James’ but I’m sure there has been at least 3. Either way he is third in line for succession of the crown, behind his grandfather (Charles, Prince of Wales) and his father (William, Duke of Cambridge).
Apart from the royal baby arriving, safely, there hasn’t been much happening here. I went to the job centre on Monday morning, very exciting stuff – not! Honestly, that’s it apart from job hunting obviously. My life is quite uneventful, except for when people are being nasty to me for no reason. Speaking of which, some people are such hypocrites having a go at me because I said I had a godson but he wasn’t actually christened and then letting their friend say the twins are their godsons and yet they’ve not been christened either! Plus it was only 1 day after we had an argument (if that’s what you call their behaviour towards me) so I feel like it was said on purpose. It probably wasn’t, I mean who actually gives a shit about little me? No one, at least not enough to do or say anything to especially just wind me up. I’m not that special lol
Anyways enough of me moaning on. It’s 3:33am and I should be asleep I guess so I’m going to try.



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