4 weeks

My birthday is in exactly 4 weeks and I don’t actually give a damn. I’m completely broke so I can’t do the things I’ve previously mentioned that I wanted to do. My weekend started off great and then got ruined last night all because of family dramas and people being nasty. Suffice it to say, I am rescinded of my babysitting duties. I was suppose to be babysitting from Friday till Tuesday but after last night I’m not, not now or ever again. It’s a shame because I will miss watching the kids but it has to be this way. I cannot handle that sort of drama, it gave me belly rumblings and I can’t be stressed out like that!! I sent all the stuff I have in my house, any of the kids clothes, shoes, all the twins stuff, back home to their house. The only thing left here is the travel cot because I forgot to take it out to the car. I’m sure it’ll be picked up whenever someone needs it elsewhere. I don’t need it. It’s all packed up and ready to go.

I’ve started thoroughly clearing all the utter rubbish in my bedroom. I’ve scrapped a whole drawer full of old bits of paper, old calendars etc. I will clear each drawer as I go along. I know there are many clothes in them that don’t fit so might as well bag them up for a charity shop (providing they aren’t too old and tatty). I need to do a “spring clean”. I’m going to take all the stuff off the walls. I have paintings that Reg and I did that can go into my storage folder. I’ve got lots of photo frames taking up space, I will remove the photos from them and place them back in the photo box and put the frames away. I need more desk space! I’m hoping I will find the bracelet my uncle bought me for my 21st. I know it can’t have gone far as I’ve barely worn it. I’m sure it’s just slipped behind something in my pigsty of a room!



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