Ear ache

Tuesday I had a phone call from a recruiting agency who wanted me to sign up with them. The lady booked me in for Wednesday and as the place was located in Guildford we popped in to see my aunt and have a cup of tea. After I met the woman mom and I went to my Nan’s. I did some job search on her computer while mom nipped home to check on the dogs. She went and picked up our Nan from the day centre as its Wednesday and then I came with her to take her home. I didn’t do a lot yesterday evening. I watched some tv and chatted online. At 10pm I sat and watched Supernatural and again at 11pm as there are 2 episodes on Wednesday. I love it, season 8 is really good and I can’t wait for season 9 next year :)
Today I had to go to this group meeting at the jobcentre. It is for all the 18-24 year olds who have been claiming for 6 months, and who see a specific advisor. She set the meeting up. It weren’t that bad I guess but it was a waste of my time as I already knew the stuff that we discussed lol
I had sausage and egg sandwiches for dinner. Very yummy! I helped my mom walk all 4 dogs over the park this evening. Homer decided to go for this little puppy that came running over to us, the way Homer was going on you’d think he’s huge but he’s not lol he’s all mouth anyway haha after we walked them I got in the bath and watched an episode of Luther on Netflix on my iPhone :) I love Luther and I’m trying to catch up with the first 2 seasons as season 3 is now showing on tv lol

Tomorrow mom and I are going over to pick up the twins for the weekend, then I’ve got the jobcentre but this time it’s to actually “sign on”. On Saturday we’ve been invited to a party, an old family friend is throwing her husband a 40th bash. We are going, except my grandad and I’m taking the twins as it is a family do so there will be many children there. I don’t know what to wear though as I haven’t had any money in the last 6 months to buy myself anything new. I saw a really nice pair of wedge sandals with pink and white flowery details on the foot strap but they didn’t have my size when I was in the shop :( maybe I will have to have another look tomorrow. They would match the pink summery top I already own.

My ear is still a bit sore, and I’m definitely thinking I’ll call my doctors up tomorrow, as I totally forgot today. My wisdom teeth on one side are playing up big time and I’ve actually had to dig out the babies’ dentinox to soothe my gums and pop both paracetamol and ibuprofen to keep the ache in my jaw at bay :( I’m in bed and I’ve just taken some tablets so I’m hoping to get some sleep soon and wake up pain-free and refreshed in the morning :)

20130718-112538 PM.jpg(My godson wrote this at school. Guess my bro shouldn’t have taught him the Inbetweeners “Bus wankers” thing, oops)



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