I think …

… I am coming down with something :(
I’ve had a headache, or a pain in my head, for a few days now and I often suffer them so I don’t take much notice. I also get a bad head whenever my wisdom teeth starting moving up and down. I have 2 complete teeth and 2 that have cut the gum line. I’m 21 why do I need 4 wisdom teeth? So anyways, headache – check. Next I noticed my throat was sore and felt weird whenever I swallowed a drink but I figured it could just be from sleeping with a fan pointed at me. Today I noticed my neck hurt but not like a muscle but more like it was inside my neck, so like my throat, sort of? So I used a flash light app on my iPhone and a mirror to check out my throat. It doesn’t look red completely but it’s definitely not happy lol one of my ears hurts too and last new year, only 5 days into the new year I caught a throat and ear infection that took me a month to get rid of AND 2 lots of medicine. Then in the May, the same year, I got it again – both ear and throat. It was a few weeks before I went on holiday so I was quite annoyed that I may be stuck on medicine and unable to drink alcohol whilst away. Luckily it cleared up quicker that time. I just hope I haven’t gotten anything because its my birthday in 4 and a half weeks!!!

To change the subject, the babies woke up at 7:30am. They both had a bottle, some weetabix for breakfast. Fred fell asleep so I bathed Frankie and got him dressed. Fred was still asleep when we were due to go out but as I went to wake him he woke up anyway. I bathed and dressed him. Loaded them in the car with the pram in the trunk of mom’s car and we were off to the shops. We didn’t go for long, mom just wanted to window shop. So we did. Then we bought a sandwich, crisps and a drink on one of them meal deal things. We gave the babies the unopened crisp bag to play with. They found it hilarious smashing our crisps to smithereens lol we ate our sandwiches and came home. They were picked up by my Aunt and her partner at about half 2.

I scrolled through TiVo’s on demand service for something to watch and came across a show called “Breaking Amish”. It was actually entertaining to watch. It’s about 5 Amish “kids”, which is a loose term as they are all 20-23, who are offered a chance to visit NYC. They all take it and go there to “find” themselves. So far I’ve watched 3 episodes and its interesting to hear about their way of life back in their community. I read a fictional book about Amish people, it was about a baby that was found dead but they didn’t know who it’s mother was as no one in the “community” had been pregnant. As far as they knew anyway but a young 19 year old was pregnant, and no one knew, and even though she wanted to keep the baby she hid her pregnancy for she was unmarried and had gotten knocked up during her few trips to the city to visit her shunned brother. It was a really great story to see if the baby had died during labour or was killed etc. The book was called “Plain Truth” and it’s written by Jodi Picoult. She’s a favourite author of mine, alongside James Patterson, Marian Keyes, J.K Rowling (duh!), Diane Chamberlain and Stephanie Meyer.
I’m not reading anything at the moment. I have started a book by Dean Koontz and it’s called Odd Thomas. I think I mentioned this in a previous post. It’s from a series so I feel out of step reading it lol must be my chronological OCD creeping in ;)

Tonight’s tv wasn’t half bad, I watched Emmerdale at 7 and Hart of Dixie at 8. I am in bed, my own this time, and I am totally ready to sleep. I’m not up to much tomorrow, just gotta tidy up the house properly after the twins caused such a mess these last 2 days ;)



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