5 weeks to go

I’ll be honest, I can’t actually recall what I’ve been up to in the last few days. I don’t think I had the jobcentre Friday. I just chilled out, as much as you can in this humid heat, and that was pretty much it.

On Saturday my aunt asked me if I’d have the twins for the night so after lunch my grandad drove me over to pick the babies up. We drove back to his and I met my mom there. After a quick cuppa we came home and I set up camp in her room as she’s staying next door house/dog sitting. The cot fits better as her room is bigger and her room is by far the coolest. I put my little fan in here and made sure the windows were open.
Last night they were both in the cot asleep by 11 but it was a nightmare previous to the calm. Frank was asleep so I put him in the cot for the night. Fred fell asleep so I put him too but he woke straight up, rolled over and kicked Frankie in the head which woke him up. I then had 2 screaming babies to sort out so I soothed Frankie and left him asleep (again) in the cot and whipped Fred out before he could cause more devastation lol he finally nodded off and went back in the cot, nicely! I weren’t tired so I sat and watched a film called Enemy of the State. Wasn’t too bad but seemed to focus around a politician committing a single murder and then doing lots of mad shit to cover it up which just seemed a bit OTT lol I think I went to bed at about 2am.

In the morning Fred woke up for a cry at half 6 but soon as he was laid on my mom’s bed he went back to sleep so I stuck the pillows around so he wouldn’t, or at least shouldn’t, roll off and then went to have some breakfast. At half 7 Frankie woke so he had a bottle and then some fruity breakfast. Fred was asleep the whole time and finally woke up at 9:55am, such a lazy boy lol he had a bottle and then breakfast. I bathed each of them in turn and dressed them in their short sleeved Ralph Lauren onesie then off we went to Nan’s with my mom and brother. We were having roast dinner there.
We had dinner, babies had a bottle then we had pudding, dishes were washed and it was time to go home. We got in and sorted some bits out then off we went, in the car this time, to my mom’s work to show the girls she works with the babies as some hadn’t seen them last time we popped in. We finally came back home for the evening. I fed the babies their dinner, they had a little nap and then a bath. After, yet, another 2 bottles Fred finally started to droop and next thing he was fast asleep so I put him in the cot. This was at about 10 and Frankie wasn’t quite sure he was ready to sleep, even though he HAD fell asleep but he’d woken up soon as I brought him upstairs. I decided after my super quick shower that I wanted to watch “Once upon a time” that was on at 8 so I picked up Frankie (who was still awake), grabbed the half bottle of baby juice and laid him on my lap with the bottle whilst I watched tv. 10 minutes later he was asleep. I left him to it while I watched my show then I finally brought him up and put him down in the cot. Now I’m finally in bed, with the fan on the highest setting and I’m ready to sleep. I’ve not got much planned this week till Thursday except job hunting. The babies are going back tomorrow morning/afternoon bless them. They really don’t like this weather and neither do I so I don’t blame them for whinging a lot lol

20130715-120816 AM.jpg(My Nan bought me these shoes, they are so comfy)

20130715-120824 AM.jpg(It’s faint but there’s a slight tan line from when I got sunburnt and it kind of went brown. It doesn’t last long though)

My birthday is in exactly 35 days – 5 weeks! “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22” ;)



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