I forget…

… just how blue my eyes are lol I love it!

Today I had an interview. Yes, another one. This one was for a role at AON. I arrived in plenty of time and signed in. The interviewer, who was really friendly, walked me through the building. Who knew AON had an upstairs outdoor courtyard with ducks wandering through in single file? So random, I loved it. Shame I couldn’t take a photo though :( the interview seemed to go alright but she said upfront that she thinks I shouldn’t worry about temporary full-time work and should concentrate on part-time work that I can continue when I start college. This came up because she asked the inevitable question; “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” And of course I answered with; “We’ll hopefully as a qualified nurse and working …”. I know many others in my position would lie through their teeth about their ambitions and would make out they really want that job but if I’m going to “bugger off to college” 2 months into the 6 month contract then I’ve hardly been fair, as they could’ve gotten in someone who is more dedicated to the company. So it’s safe to say I probably won’t be considered for that role, however the girl who interviewed me said I was “very bright, ambitious and certainly someone she’d have hired had it not been for my college plans”. Always great to hear feedback that’s on the positive side. So, that’s that.

20130712-013842 AM.jpg(What I wore for my interview today)

20130712-013858 AM.jpgBlue eyes!!!

After my interview I got the bus to my Nan’s so I could use her pc to update my jobcentre account and do a good job hunt. I found quite a few part-time roles to apply for, which I did. My mom turned up at my Nan’s with her Nan (my Nan’s mother) who she cares for twice a week, and picks up from the old people’s day centre. We jumped in the car and took her home. When we got back to our home I had some dinner and then I watched some tv while surfing the web. Luther was on tonight. It’s repeats of series 1 onwards and I missed a few of series 1 but I’ve caught up and today’s episode was season 2, episode 1. I love Luther it’s so good ad Idris Elba is sexy lol

My brother’s girlfriend has just left school. Her prom was tonight and my brother spent the whole day with her, watching her get her nails done, hair done etc and finally he saw her in her dress and they had some photos done of the two of them together lol

20130712-014937 AM.jpg(My brother and his girlfriend. Her dress is stunning and she looks lovely!!)

I remember my prom. I wore a purple dress and my hair had a plait in it at the front. This was due to the fact I had had a momentarily lapse in memory about my upcoming prom and had decided to cut myself a fringe. Needless to say it was an epic fail and took ages to grow out, oops!

20130712-020125 AM.jpg(Me ready for my prom, I had braces back then lol I was 15)



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