Today was the day. I finally officially enrolled at college. I went by the college at 1pm for a group enrolment meeting. We all sat inside a classroom and were given a form to fill out and sign. After the form we were taken to the library to have our photo taken for our college ID. So there it is, I’m enrolled. I will get my college ID pass in September at induction day, September 3rd. I’m quite excited about it all.
I’ve got a job interview tomorrow. I’m still looking for work, and still full time but also looking at part time now. I’ve applied for some bar work and some part time office work. I send my cv out about 75 times a day and out of that 75 I only get about 10 email confirmations saying they’ve received my cv, the rest just ignore lol
The weather is still hot. It was 25 degrees today and very humid still. I really cannot wait for some cooler temperatures. I may have been born in the “height of summer” but I’m a total winter girl. Bring on the fall I say. Speaking of birthdays, mine is in 38 days so just over 5 weeks to go :)
” I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22″ – love that song and soon it’ll be age appropriate for me hehe



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