26 degrees and counting

Yesterday the babies went home at 11:30am. When I was sorting them out for their trip home I bathed Freddie, dressed him and put him in the car seat. Then I took Frankie up for a quick bath, brought him downstairs to dress him and was just about to put his nappy on when he decided to pee on me. He got my shorts and part of the couch, oops! Guess that’ll teach me to be too slow covering his butt up LOL After they were picked up I did some household chores then had some lunch. After lunch I hopped in a nice cold bath to cool down my sunburn LOL It was lovely and such a shame when I had to get out but I was getting all pruney.

Today I got up at 8:15 because I had the jobcentre at 9:30. The bus was late but I still managed to get in 5 minutes early, which is always good. My advisor reckons I need to start looking into part time work to fit around my college timetable in September. I told her that I’ve already been looking, even before I got my acceptance letter this weekend just gone. After my meeting with her I walked over to town to get some breakfast/lunch (brunch lol) and then I sat outside Starbucks on a bench with my brunch, drink and my iBook app. I’ve just started reading a book called “All that mullarkey”, it is quite funny and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I sat outside for about an hour then went inside the town centre as I’d had enough sunshine for the day. My Nan finishes work at 12 so at 12 she past me on her way to the bank. When she came back we walked back upstairs to the car park and off we went to her house. We had lunch and I went on the computer to sort out some job applications my advisor has given me. I also checked my email and updated my job searching profile on the Jobcentre website. Whilst at my Nan’s a lady phoned me about an interview. We had previously spoken about the role and she informed me I have been asked for an interview, which is this Thursday at 1:30. Obviously June/July is my month as I’ve had quite a few interviews in the last few weeks.

Tomorrow I have my college enrolment meeting at 1pm. I am really excited to get in and talk to some lecturers and tutors. I quite fancy the idea of buying some lush new stationery and some decent folders. I already have a laptop-shaped back for my folders and pencil case. Omg I am like a child lol
My provisional college timetable puts me at college every day, but only 9:30 till 12:30, except for Tuesday when I am down for classes till 2pm. This helps when I am applying for part time roles as I am around in the afternoons, as well as evenings.

My sunburn stings still and I cannot wait for it to ease up. I guess I need to buy sunscreen that has a higher factor. The one I had on was factor 30 so I need at least 40, maybe even 50+ lol My brother got my paddling pool out yesterday and it is still inflated and filled with water so I may stick my feet in it later to cool down. I really cannot stand the summer, this weather is NOT my favourite at all which is ironic given the fact I am a “summer baby”. Bring on the autumn, I love the orange leaves, the chillier outdoors and Halloween-slash-fireworks.

Mom says we need to have a child-free weekend now that she is off for 5 weekends in a row. I agree, even though I miss the twins and Reggie, so we’ve decided that if it is HOT HOT HOT this weekend then we are going to take a picnic to Frimley Lodge on Saturday and enjoy a nice day in the sun/shade just us and maybe my brother, and his girlfriend. Who know’s, maybe it’ll suddenly pour down with rain – I kind of like that LOL



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