6 weeks till I’m 22

Well firstly, I didn’t actually win at bingo but we all share the winnings whenever anyone at our table wins. So I ended up with a tenner :)

Monday I was suppose to have a job interview for a different role at CSC (again!) but they had to rearrange it so the new interview date was Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday I had an interview over Godalming so I asked my aunt if I could stay at hers Tuesday night and then I’d walk to my interview Wednesday morning. She said it was fine so Tuesday afternoon my mom dropped me to my aunts house. Wednesday I went to my interview at 9am. It seemed to go well and the guys were very friendly. They said I should hear back by the end of this coming week. After my interview I walked back to aunts to get changed and she asked me if I wanted to take the babies home with me so she could do some painting and other stuff (she had already asked me to babysit on Saturday and Sunday) so I said yeah sure. My Mom turned up to pick me up and we loaded up the car with all their things and off we went.

Thursday I had my CSC interview. My Nan watched the babies for me. The interview seemed to go really well but they always go great as I’m good at interviews and selling myself so it’s all down to them and their expectations.

Friday I had the job centre so Nan ran me down there. I signed on and then went home with the babies.

Saturday mom and I took the babies to the army show. We drove to the car park, got the pram out and put them in it. I put sun cream on myself, and them, and then put their little sun hats on and were ready to walk. We had a wander round the stalls and I bought a programme when we first went in. Mom bought 2 Help for Heroes trolley coins but she said they’re for keeps not for using as they’re too nice to risk losing so its gone on her key rings lol we got an ice cream, with a chocolate flake of course, and then we slowly walked back to the car. We stopped at Morrison’s so I could grab some more baby milk as I’d ran out and then we stopped at my Nan’s for a quick cuppa. My grandad was going down to the football/rugby club to watch my uncle who was playing football as part of a charity event. His boxing gym was one of the organisations that gave money to the event and he was playing a match when we got there. We hadn’t been there long when he went down to the ground and came up clutching his arm. Turns out he’s broken his wrist, in two places and he’s twisted the bones. He gets in a boxing ring and leaves without a scratch, but one football match and he breaks his wrist in a bad, bad way. His girlfriend ran him up the hospital and they had to stick a needle in the break so they could straighten the bones before putting a cast on. Apparently they hadn’t done it well enough because today he was having a numb feeling in his hand and it was a really white color compared to his other hand. Off to the hospital he went. When he came back he said they’d given him Tramadol pills, he’ll be hallucinating before he’s knocked out. Them pills are evil! But they are effective lol

Sunday: Today my brother did some gardening DIY because our front path way is lined with wooden slate things and my bro wanted to replace them with something sturdier (the old were rickety) so he did. It was so hot and sticky indoors I stuck Frankie in Reggie’s old single buggy and sat him on the doorstep as that side off my house is shaded completely. Then I put Fred in the walker and stuck him in the door way so he could appreciate the breeze blowing through. Frankie feel asleep for a bit but he soon woke up hungry. They had some milk and then we got their double buggy out the car and I stuck them in it and walked them around the little square outside my house. Eventually they both nodded off. I wheeled them round to the back yard as my Mom had put the gazebo up so they were now in the shade. Fred woke up first so I got him out and let Frankie asleep. He woke later for his dinner so I fed them both. Then a bottle. They each had a cool bath and enjoyed some splash time, mostly soaking me in the process and finally they had a play on the living room floor lol
Fred started getting sleepy so I scooped him up, changed his nappy and took him up to the cot. After about 20 minutes of him singing to himself he was asleep. In that time I jumped in the shower while Mom watched Frankie. He started getting droopy eyes so I scooped him up and laid him on my arm. We were watching Mamma Mia and Frankie fell asleep because we were singing to him lol I put him in the cot so by 9:45 they were both asleep in bed. Not bad going but was a long and hot day today :(
They’re going home tomorrow day time as their dad is picking them up.

Yesterday I got a letter through the mail from my college. The enrolment day is July 10th which is 3 days away so I had taken my lack of letter as my non-acceptance. So I was acutely surprised to find a letter telling me I was accepted to enrol this week and I was given a provisional timetable for September (subject to change). I guess I was in the last lot of student letters to be sent. I had honestly thought I’d not gotten in so I’m pleased that I have and now the shock has worn off I am really excited to have this option if I don’t land any of the jobs I’ve recently gone for.

20130707-115750 PM.jpg(My College Letter)

It is my birthday in 6 weeks today. Haven’t sorted anything out so far. Oops lol will have to sort it soon I guess.
Right now I’m in bed with my window wide open, (for all the good it’s doing) my fan on and my door ajar to allow a breeze if any. Babies are asleep and I’m just doing a late night jobsearch then I’m off to bed as I’m shattered lol

Night y’all ;)


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