I am melting

Well Reggie stayed Friday. Mom zipped over to my Aunt’s and picked him up. We had to do the weekly shop so we popped down the store and grabbed some bits. After dinner Reg and I got into our pyjamas and watched a movie in bed. First we watched “Gnomeo & Juliet” then we watched “Rise of the Guardians”.. He fell asleep watching that. Saturday we walked to our Nan’s who was on her way out so we tagged along. First we went to our great-grandmother’s house to say Hello and drop off her birthday presents (She is 84 on 2 July). Next we stopped off at my Uncle Ernie’s for a cuppa tea (my Nan’s brother). We arrived back to our Nan’s by dinner time and she suggested a take-away as it is the weekend so I went with her to pick up some KFC. I haven’t had KFC in a long time so I quite enjoyed it. We came home and watched a movie in bed. Reg fell asleep so I watched Supernatural. I love it and I can’t wait for season 8 to start in a week or so.
Today we went to a leisure centre to go swimming and ice skating. We had fun but ice skating wasn’t as fun as swimming because I can’t remember how to do it and Reg struggles to stay up right lol Grandad took us to my Aunt’s so I could drop him home and we stayed for a cuppa. The twins have got bath seats now but Frankie didn’t seem too impressed when I gave him a quick bath. Me and Grandad came back and had dinner, roast chicken :)
I decided to tag along with my Nan to bingo so she ran me home quick so I could dump my swim gear and get changed. I doubt I will win but it’s always fun trying lol



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