I am an idiot magnet!

Well the babies went home at 2pm on Monday. They are such good boys :)

Tuesday I had to go to some interview that the jobcentre arranged. I thought I had been put forward for a work placement, meaning I would work with a company for a few weeks to gain some experience. Oh no, they were shoving me into a work trial, at a call centre that specialises with OUT-BOUND calls. Bloody nightmare! I don’t do call centre work, I’ve never been able to, and to have to call out, terrifies me muchly. So I was honest with the woman who interviewed because she asked us “where do you think you’ll be in a few years?” And I just said “well I’m hoping to go to college so I can study nursing at university and I don’t think being here is the best choice for me personally, right now” and she was all “okay thanks for the honesty, I’m glad you’ve said because to do this job we’d have to train you and that costs money so it would’ve been a waste if you’d kept quiet”. Go me on the honesty trip lol I know this will bite me in the arse at the job centre tomorrow but what can I do? Lie and do a job that not only do I think is a waste of time but also one I really could not do anyway and would end up fired because I’m shit at it!!

Speaking of jobs, I had a phone call from a recruiter who said there is a job going at CSC. Yes, the same CSC I interviewed for 2 weeks ago. It’s a different role within a different team and they’ve sent my cv across so hopefully they’ll come back with an interview.
I haven’t heard back from college yet but it’s only been 9 days so I’m not too worried, yet!

I signed up on a few “dating” sites a few years ago and when I met my ex I de-activated my profile as I was no longer single. When we broke up last year I went back online and had a look around which is where I met TLC (who is now one of my best guy friends). Except for him I didn’t really chat to many guys, there were a few here and there but most of them were complete idiots, liars or just after a good fumble. So we weren’t compatible lol I hid my profile on one site for 6 months because I decided to give the dating scene a wide berth and concentrate on finding a job, seeing family and catching up with friends. A few weeks ago I un-hid my profile and updated my info and photo etc because I thought it was about time to “get back out there” but after being a magnet for the guys who; only want sex, can’t speak English or think asking for my number after 2 minutes its acceptable, I’ve decided I don’t want to date. I quite enjoy my man-free life and I’ve not got an awful lot to offer a bloke right now. I mean, without sound down on myself, I’m unemployed and therefore skint, living with my Mom and in no position to move and I do not drive. So for now, it’s Team Kayleigh :)

I recently got back in touch with an old “flame”, a term I shall use loosely as we never officially dated. He’s a good looking guy but he’s such hard work sometimes. Just texting him can be confusing because he asks the weirdest questions sometimes and I’m like “WTF Dude?”

Reggie is staying this weekend. I am thinking of taking him Swimming and Ice-skating. I want him to be active even though I’m a lazy moo, so if it is okay weather we will go to the park and have a good run about. Tires me as well as him, which is always good :)



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