No TiVo!

Well I did watch a film on Friday on my kindle. I watched “Confessions of a teenage drama queen”. It is a chick flick so I re-lived my teen years lol I didn’t go to sleep, so the movie clearly didn’t tire me out. I kept looking at the clock thinking oh it’s now 3am … Now it’s 4am … Oh shit it’s 5am, these babies will wake in like an hour lol I stayed up all day. I got the babies dressed after their baths and we walked round our Nan’s, it started raining but we were almost there.
Later my mom came round, with the carseats and after she had stayed for a cuppa, we went home to feed the babies. They had their dinner, a bath and were ready for bed then we had our dinner. The babies had their last bottle for the night and by 9pm were in the cot fast asleep. Normally you have to rock them to sleep, or wait till they are snoring before you put them down but they were shattered so we put them in the cot, awake, and let them fall asleep on their own. It worked. I was in bed and asleep by 9:30pm. By then I had been awake 33 hours and was so ready for sleep.

Today they woke up at 6am. Had a bottle and went back to sleep laid next to each other on my bed with a blanket. I tried to nap too but only managed about 45 minutes. They had breakfast then a bath and were all set for the grocery store (mom has worked most of the weekend so she hasn’t a chance to do the weekly shop). I gave Frankie a bottle but he fell asleep after drinking half so when Freddie started I gave him the rest. We did the shopping and they were as good as gold in the double seated trolley, as per. We came home and mom did us some lunch, ready cooked chicken with mayo in a fresh sesame seed baguette, yum. We fed the babies a bottle then went to our nan’s for a cuppa. They were going to the garden centre so we tagged along. Mom bought the twins a soft medium sized ball to play with, which they seem to like chewing on lol after the garden centre we stopped in at my grandad’s sisters as she lives near by. He has 7 sisters but this one I shared my 21st birthday party with as she turned 70 around the same time. Frankie fell asleep as Nan was sat in a rocking chair with him. Freddie wouldn’t settle so Nan and I swapped seats. He went to sleep almost immediately, little monkey. I fed them their dinner as soon as we got home. They had home-made spag bol (frozen portions their mom gave me) and they enjoyed it but where the spaghetti was blended into a million little bits it went EVERYWHERE!!! No joke, there was more spaghetti under the twins chins than in their mouth and after I stripped them out of their vests we ended up with it all over the carpet, oops! I bathed them and they chilled in front of the tv while I ate my dinner. About 8:30pm we gave them a bottle and Freddie fell asleep so Mom put him in the cot while I fed Frankie. He didn’t want any more of his milk as he had wind so after getting him to burp I let him sit with me for a bit. I put him on the floor as he was “so full of energy” and it did seem to tire him as he started getting tired and grumpy but he wouldn’t settle so I laid on the floor and put him on my chest. Didn’t take long and he was fast asleep lol so he was asleep by 10.

I wanted to watch my show I had recorded at 8 but TiVo are having service issues and it didn’t record. Luckily it’s on a “on demand” channel so tomorrow I can catch up. I was disappointed though and settled for a movie that had just started. It was “Sweet home Alabama”. I made up 9 more bottles and washed up some dirty dishes then when the movie ended I came up to bed.

I should hear back from my interview this week, hopefully by Wednesday as she said they wouldn’t take too long to make a decision. The twins go home tomorrow and I can finally change my bedding. Considering they had a few sicky burps on my sheet and duvet they don’t smell of stale milk so I guess that’s a plus lol



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