My Grandad is a legend!

My cousin (and godson) was suppose to be staying this weekend but he’s got a birthday party on Saturday so it would be too much hard work. I don’t drive so to get him here and then back again, by myself, is just too much so it’s easier to just pick another weekend. I.e next weekend. Though my weekend has changed, I’m still babysitting as I said I’d have the twins instead. It’s going to be a nightmare though as they’ve started doing the “backward crawl” so you can’t leave them alone for too long or you’ll come back and they’ll be touching all sorts of stuff. It’s exciting that they’re finally moving and stuff but also hard work because there’s TWO of them to watch. I need to have a quick tidy up and vacuum the floor so they can go down to have a play without the risk of eating stuff that’s yucky. My grandad is a legend. I asked him to not only run me to the job centre but to run me all the way to my aunt’s to pick the twins up. We picked them up and they were crying for dinner but soon as the car started up they went quiet, bless them. We got home and I did a quick tidy up and warmed their dinner up. I was just about to sit down and feed them their chicken dinner when I noticed Freddie’s ear had some blood on it :( after some inspection it seemed he had scratched himself while rubbing his ear due to teething pains. I was concerned when I first saw it because he had previously had a perforated ear drum but luckily it’s just a scratch. They had their dinner and then a nice, hot bottle of milk. I washed up, ran a bath and got their pyjamas ready then I took Fred up for a bath. I washed his ear with some warm water and cotton wool, before the bath, and then he had a bath and got dressed. Next it was Frankie’s turn and he’s a pain because he doesn’t always like having a bath and today was one of them days lol now they’re both clean and ready for bed so I put them in front of Mickey Mouse clubhouse so I could make some more bottles up etc. They both fell asleep but they were due another bottle before they go down for the night so I woke up Fred, gave him some calpol and then he had a bottle. He fell asleep so I put him in the cot and tucked him in. Then I woke up Frankie, gave him calpol and a bottle. He then fell asleep too and he went straight in the cot. They don’t normal to to bed so late but we got home late, their dinner was late, their bath was late and then their bottle was. One late event in the day has a ripple effect on everything else. I didn’t mind because I haven’t been up since like 8am, I woke up late today so I wasn’t tired but I know they’ll wake me up early tomorrow so I best go to sleep soon lol

My job centre appointment went great, for once, and the lady said she hopes I get the job I went for. I told her that college was my back up plan so should I be out of work by enrolment (providing I get in) I will enrol and that’ll be it. She said it was a good plan so yay for me!

When we picked up the twins from my aunt’s, Reggie (my godson/cousin) was there with his friend and they were telling me how naughty they are together and I said “yes I’ve heard you two are troublesome”. They ran off into the garden and I went in the kitchen to join in the conversation my grandad was having with my aunt. We came into the sitting room and my aunt could smell petrol, and then she spotted Reggie and his friend through the window. Reggie and his brother Ronnie have got a kid’s motorbike and it runs on real fuel. Well he and Archie (his friend) had taken it upon themselves to fill the bike up with fuel and were just about to get on it and go for a ride. Luckily the bike is actually broken and the fuel leaks out the bottom so they wouldn’t have gotten any further than the back gate BUT its still not funny. My aunt shouted at them both and told Reggie he was in trouble and to get inside and wait till his dad was back. She told him to wash his hands because he’d touch the fuel. She asked him where exactly did he think he was going and he replied, quite cheekily “just down the street”. He’s a little rascal. It’s a shame he can’t stay but he can stay next weekend. Life with him is never dull, that’s for sure :)

The weather has been odd today. It was overcast and humid when I first got up, by the time I’d left for the job centre it had started raining but when we was driving over to my aunt’s the sun started to shine. It shone the whole way home and this was at 6pm. It’s forecasted as windy tomorrow so I don’t know if I’ll take the babies out, especially as I don’t drive so I’d have to put them in the buggy and walk. If its windy it’s not worth it because we’ll all get cold. If its warmer I might walk them to our nan’s as she loves seeing her grandchildren, all 15 of us lol although there’s 1 none of us see, not for a few years now but he’s the only one. The rest of us are really close. We were mostly made up of girls but then my Aunt went and had 4 boys which levelled it up a bit. So there’s currently 9 granddaughters and 6 grandsons.

I think I’m just going to have a look on my kindle, at my netflix or lovefilm, see what takes my fancy and then hopefully it’ll tire me out and I will fall asleep :)



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