I’m such a loser!

I’ve finally heard the verdict on my CSC interview and yes, you guessed from the title, I didn’t get the job. They said that there was someone slightly better suited but they were impressed with me and want to keep me on file for any future jobs as I’m the first they’ll want to re-interview. I guess that is something I suppose. I won’t lie, I am disappointed but that’s life and one door closes, another opens and all that malarkey lol
Today I went for another interview. This time in Godalming with a company called Dentons. It went really well and ladies who interviewed me seemed such fun to work with. They’ve said they’ll make a decision by Wednesday next week so not too long to wait.

20130620-045827 PM.jpg (What I wore to this one)

20130620-045832 PM.jpg(You can’t tell but I’ve got a strange lump on my eyelid and its sore :( my make up was aggravating it lol)

I couldn’t sleep last night and my inner bookworm won. I went on my kindle account and found this cool little book for 99p so I downloaded it and found myself engrossed. I couldn’t put it down and by the time I did it was about 3:30am, which is not great when I had to be up at 7:30. The book is about two high school sweethearts who broke up during college due to the bloke caught cheating on the girl. They go their separate ways and by chance meet 18 years later a school reunion. They make the mistake of sleeping together (and each cheating in their current relationships) but then don’t see each other till they walk into the same antenatal class together almost 7 months later and the bloke soon realises her baby could be his. This is a disaster as he and his wife had been trying to conceive for 5 years when she finally announced she was pregnant, with twins (just after the time of the reunion). So now he’s panicking she’ll find out but his ex is telling him to no worry as she’s not even remotely thinking her baby is his, she genuinely believes its her boyfriends and that’s how it’s going to stay but her ex is concerned as the boyfriend has been reluctant about being a father – he is 8 years younger than the woman – and the ex starts to get annoyed that the guy hasn’t “stepped up to the plate”. I haven’t finished the book, I’m 57% read so I can’t wait to finish it. I reckon the wife will find out about the indiscretion and will leave the husband but then change her mind for the sake of the twins. Who knows though, ay?
So that’s my update for this miserable weathered Thursday. Good job it’s almost a weekend, right guys?

20130620-051047 PM.jpg(the book cover – this is mostly what attracted me to read it hehe)



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