Bloody Internet is down :(

Today my interview for college finally came. It was a group thing, about 15 of us sat in a room and a lecturer talked to us about the courses and fees etc. I’m lucky because I’m under 24 so I don’t have to pay anything lol we were told we had 2 literacy tests to do and they were to assess our English level in both reading and writing. We had this online test and then a written piece where we had 4 titles to choose from which we then had to write a page about. I choose the title “Can money buy you happiness?” I know I didn’t paragraph well but I didn’t want my page to seem too formal, I wanted it to sound like a conversational answer lol apparently I’m doing fine with my English, which I’m glad as I did re-sit it at GCSE level in college. The lady said that I will have to do maths alongside my A levels because I “technically” don’t have a maths GCSE. I was suppose to have re-sat it at college, way back when, but I was put in a different class and ended up passing with a FSMQ maths level – it’s equivalent but not recognised. I had wondered if I’d have to do maths and I’m not surprised that they’ve said “yes” lol Enrolment is in July so I’ve only got about 2 weeks till I will know if I’ve been accepted on the pathway and then I can go to enrolment to double check I got all my A level courses. I picked “Human and social biology, Psychology, sociology and Law”. The biology one is a “must take” for what pathway I’m entering on, but the rest were my choice. I did psychology and sociology at GCSE level so I figured they were a safe bet and the law was just a impulse choice – which I am free to change at enrolment if I wish to. So there we have it. College interview, check. Just got a job interview tomorrow to get done and then I’m back at the job centre on Friday, huff!
Reggie is staying over this weekend. I’m hoping the weather is nice so we can go outside or swimming etc.

My birthday: I’ve had another think about it, and I spoke to my mom and we’ve decided to do the Warner Bros HP Studio Tour, and have a day out in London visiting all the sites. I’ve never been on the London eye or to the Zoo and she said if we take Reg with us then we can make a proper day of it, maybe even a weekend if we stayed in a travelodge overnight. We looked at the price and for 3 of us it’s only £23 a night so I reckon that’s what we’ll do. I’ve been promising Reg that I’d take him to see the Harry Potter tour since his birthday in February, and I love HP myself so this makes a lot of sense lol I do still want a spa thing but I could book that for a few weeks after my birthday, with any birthday money I get.
I would’ve done more research but our wifi and TiVo are having problems. We phoned Virgin and they said they have an engineer out on the site trying to fix the issue and it should be back up and running by 9pm. So until then I am in the bath, a cold one, to counteract this heat!

I think that’s all I’ve been up to really, that and melting in this muggy heat. God I cannot stand this weather. I know I was born in the summer but I’m definitely a winter person lol go away silly sticky weather!!



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