Still No News

Well I never heard back from the agency yesterday, I phoned in and no one called me back. Bad form, definitely. In the end I got hold of the lady who actually interviewed me at CSC itself, and she told me I’d know by THIS Friday and she reckons my contact should’ve told me that lol so now I’ve got all week to wait :( still, I’ve got my college interview tomorrow afternoon and a job interview in Godalming on Thursday morning. Mom’s taking me to that one and we’re popping in my Aunt’s on the way back as she lives there. I sent my dad a Father’s Day card and I text him too. We’ve arranged a possible visit, me to his, in 2 weeks as my little bro is having a party and apparently being his sister outweighs my age in regards to a party for a 6 year old lol
I finished my book “The guy next door” today and it was a good one with lots of comedy.

20130618-100337 PM.jpg (My new shoes)

20130618-100417 PM.jpg(My birthday wine glass)

20130618-100423 PM.jpg(My glass and mom’s birthday glass, we enjoyed some wine with our roast dinner)

20130618-100950 PM.jpg(The card I got my grandad for Father’s Day lol)



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