Well I received a call from my contact in reference to my interview. He said the company had 1 more interview to do today (this was yesterday morning) and they’d have a decision made by Monday afternoon. I’m a little miffed that I don’t yet know, because if I had gotten the job I could’ve celebrated this weekend. However Monday isn’t that far off and if I do get it then I can still congratulate myself in the week lol
I’ve been reading a book, that’s actually 2 separate stories in 1. The first one is called “Boy meets girl” and the second is “The guy/boy next door”. I’ve finished reading number 1 and I must say I was very interested in how it was laid out. The whole book was written in the format of emails, IMing and text messages as well as voicemail’s left on mobiles etc. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read the next book even though it isn’t a sequel, but it is based on a minor character from the first book. I love reading. I went to the store today and found a Dean Koontz book that caught my eye. It’s called Odd Apocalypse. (Click for Dean Koontz website) I’ve just learnt that it is number 5 in the Odd Thomas series he’s done. I guess I should maybe catch up on the first 4 books but oh well I can always be a rebel and read them backwards lol
To the title of this post, you may be wondering wtf? Don’t worry I don’t have an obsession with anybody (except Tom Hardy & Robert Downey Jr. lol). The title is about a movie I watched on tv last night. It was called Obsession and it starred Charisma Carpenter, Dylan Neal and Nicholas Lea (click names for IMDB profiles). It was a good movie, a bit of suspense and just overall creepiness. I enjoyed it and I reckon my Mom will when she watches it :)
Yesterday the weather was very hot and the skies were pure blue and cloudless so I decided to get my godson’s paddling pool out. It’s ironic that it is a pool I bought for him when it is a pink one. It’s the only color they had left at the time and he’s cool with it. So anyway, I got the pool out and filled it up with the hose. I went and changed into some shorts and a nice summery top, found my crocs and a towel. Picked up my book and sat in a garden chair with my feet in the pool. About 2 hours later some clouds rolled past, blocking out the sun and it got chilly so I came inside. I left the pool filled up as I believed it was going to be sunny today but I guess I jinxed it as its not! It started raining last night about midnight and its been hammering it down on/off since lol. Oops! Can’t use my pool now so will have to empty it and pack it up till next weekend, providing the weather is good I will get it back out as my godson is here and he loves splashing lol

20130615-034107 PM.jpg (Me catching some rays lol)



2 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. silverneurotic says:

    Best of luck with the job. With the job I have now, I started interviewing it back in March, and did not find out for sure until May. The interview process is intense, three interviews all lasting a few hours each, and they have no problem with waiting 2-3 weeks before letting you know if you’ve made it to the next step or if you’ll get a rejection letter in the mail. So I fully sympathize with the frustration of playing the waiting game.


    • nashkay says:

      Wow, 2 months waiting? That is intense! I must admit I have been through that myself, I landed a job at IBM a few years ago and had to wait 8 weeks for my CRB security check to come back. I really do hope I get this job, it is basically the perfect role for me and I know I will be majorly disappointed if I don’t get it. Still, life goes on and I do have college as a back up. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it, I really do so thank you x


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