I had an interview :)

Well as the title suggests I had an interview today. For a job. It went really well and my interviewers said they were impressed with me (Talk about feeling a tad special lol). The building is impressive, lots of open outdoor space and windows everywhere and the people are so friendly. I could definitely see myself working there No I DO see myself working there. Gosh I think I’m quite excited about it lol. They said I’d hear back from the agency tomorrow afternoon-ish and I cannot wait to hear feedback that is for sure. Obviously I am still looking at college. I have my interview on the 19th and even if I get this job I won’t start yet as they’ve got to get me security cleared, which takes a few weeks so I do intend to go to my college interview. It’s always good to know your options. Plus if I don’t get this job then I’ve not lost anything by still having college in mind. Either way, “I’m a winner”.

20130613-111820 PM.jpg (All dressed to go)

20130613-111825 PM.jpg (Little bit orange but I’m so pale anyway lol)

The interview seemed hard to get to, without risking the buses (by which I mean I didn’t want to use my interview as a trial run on my public transport route for IF I got the job). Mom was at work all night then she had to go to Nan’s to sort her breakfast out. My interview was at 10am and I had been moaning yesterday that I’d have to get to my mom’s work at half 7, then wait at nan’s with her till it was time to go to my interview. It seemed a bit long winded and then my friend piped up that I could stay at his as he lived not too far from the building. So my mom dropped me there last night. We chilled, watched some tv and just had a natter really. It was great catching up and then we went to bed. He left really early for work, I don’t even remember him saying bye I was half asleep lol when I left at half 9 I had to put his key under something in the back yard. I took a photo of where and sent it to him. Luckily no one touched it (house share) and he retrieved it later on lol I am so glad to be back in my own bed, male-free and snore-free :)



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