It’s Official, 16th Grandchild is due

We’ve known for some time but it is now official, my uncle and his missus are having their first baby together. They had a scan last week and she’s currently 14 weeks. The due date is December 6th I believe. His 2 daughters’ birthdays are December, as well as Christmas, so he’s is basically buggered lol It’s great to finally be able to talk about it freely and not have to wonder who already knew and who wasn’t privy to that information! I still find it weird that my Nan, who is 59, will have 16 Grandchildren by Christmas and she isn’t even 60. She’s got me, I am almost 22, my brother who is 18, and the rest are (as of the end of 2013); 11, 9, 9, 8, 7, 7 ,7, 5, 5, 4, 1, 1 & a 9 month old. As you can see we have some who were born the same year, it appears 2006 was the busiest year so far with 3 born that year lol I don’t think my Nan thought that with 5 children of her own that she’d have THIS many Grandchildren before she’s 60. But my uncle has 5 daughters, my Aunt has 1 daughter and 4 sons so automatically that makes 10 lol My mom made her a Nanna when she only 37 so I guess she should’ve seen this coming haha It’s great I have so many cousins but the downside is; they’re all so young so when we “hang” it is me babysitting them :( lol

Anyways, I met up with a good friend on Thursday. He agreed to get me out the house for a few hours so we went for a random drive around the area, I have no idea where we went because I don’t know that many of the areas around here. I do know we went through Fleet and Camberley lol I also know I chewed his ear off nearly the whole drive because I hadn’t seen him in ages and I was tired; I over yabber when I’m tired lol

We had a BBQ on Saturday although our BBQ is actually broken. My mom went and bought a new GAS canister for it and then discovered the BBQ is broken so she had £30 worth of GAS and no BBQ to use it with. She bought one of them disposable BBQ trays just for that evening and her boyfriend has a BBQ in his garage that we can have but it’ll need a clean. She sold the GAS, which was unused obviously, to someone who has a working BBQ lol

Sunday my Aunt asked me to watch the twins for the night as she had another driving lesson early Monday morning so they were dropped off to me about 6ish. They went down by about 10ish and I stayed up catching up on the TV they deprived me of earlier lol I didn’t sleep that well Sunday night, I kept “tossing and turning”, as per the expression and the last time I clock watched it said like 4am. Fred woke me up at 06:50 so I was knackered as Frankie followed at 07:30am lol They got picked up at 6pm and at 7pm my Grandad picked me up as we was going to the cinema. We watched Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was amazing!! The bad guy was portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch and he did it surprisingly well. I didn’t even recognise him outside of his Sherlock Holmes “get up” lol I cannot wait for this to be released on DVD now so I can watch everyone at home’s reaction to the ending bit, and see if they guess correctly as to what will happen.

I haven’t got much planned this week, just job search and maybe tidy my room. It has slowly creeped back to being a pig sty, so I should give it a clear at some point I suppose. It is Father’s day Sunday so I need to send off my old man his card lol This month is going by so quick, I mean we are already almost halfway through it and my birthday is getting closer. 68 days to go!!

20130611-075812 PM.jpgMy stepmom found a diet coke with my name on it, took a photo and tagged me in it on Facebook. I was quite chuffed lol It is my cover photo now.



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