I still want a spa weekend

Well, I’ve been MIA since May, wow! lol No I’ve been busy – shocking for an unemployed bum right? I know! Job searching, especially by the Jobcentre’s standards, takes up a lot of my time. Mostly because I actually am desperate to land SOMETHING so I trawl the internet looking at ALL the sites. I am almost some kind of stalker, I have job alerts coming to my iPhone 24/7, no joke I get emails at 3am sometimes but I like to stay on top of it, make sure I have seen THE latest job roles available in my area etc. So, that’s what I spend a lot of my times doing, stalking on the internet – but in a good way!

Back at my Aunt’s since Sunday evening as she’s got 20 hours of driving lessons this week so I’m watching the twins. I have managed to juggle them and job searching, just like I did when they stayed at ours last week. There’s lots of jobs popping up this month. Since June 1st I have found about 75 jobs that match my skill set, my interests and my area preferences. Yay for me!

There is 74 days till my birthday. So just under 11 weeks now. I still want a spa weekend but I’ve looked online and they don’t seem to offer that many spa options. I sort of expected to pay X amount of money and be entitled to use the whole spa area for a day or whatever. But no, they mark it up as ££ for = “this treatment” + “this treatment”. I want the whole shebang, not just some head massage and a facial. I want the whole works. I think this requires a lot more googling and asking people for recommendations etc. It is definitely something I want to experience in my life, so I guess you could say I have some form of the “Bucket List”. We all do, I think. Not sure what else I would have on it, it isn’t an actual “paper in hand” list, it’s a metaphorical list – in my head basically lol

Anyways enough about my metaphorical list, the twins are growing up nicely, they giggle and laugh a lot – mostly at us adults when we talk like idiots to them. They have discovered their feet, so they often grab them, one in each hand and just lay there smiling as if to say “look at me, I have these weird wriggly things”. They have a baby walker (or as Reg calls it “Baby car”) each and Fred managed to push himself along in it by using his feet, he did it once or twice and hasn’t done it since so I reckon he doesn’t KNOW he can do it, yet! I am only here tonight and some of tomorrow, then my Mom is picking me up as she is over this way. She’s taking me and the twins out for a few hours tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting out the house, especially with this weather being so lovely, and the twins need some fresh air – not just me opening the back door occasionally lol My mom looks after my great-grandmother every Wednesday and Thursday. It’s mostly consisting of Mom going over at 8am to make sure Nan has breakfast, keeping her company all day and making sure she has some lunch and then later on making sure she has dinner. Obviously this can become quite boring to most, and my Mom has said it can be if you’re stuck inside all day. So she has been taking Nan out on one of the days, whether it be just to my Nan’s house (my mom’s mom) or round the garden centre for a wander. Tomorrow she is taking her to a cafe and a wander round the high street so she’s picking us 3 up (me and the babies) so we can tag along for a few hours in the fresh air. It’ll be nice to have adult conversation because when my Aunt is at her driving lesson and her partner is at work it is just me and the babies, and I find myself singing along to Disney Jr. and all the tv programmes that it shows – the twin’s favourite channel, plus I spend a lot of time talking to Freddie and Frankie and it can be a bit lonely as they don’t reply, yet! Well they baby-talk at me, and sometimes growl and shout but it is hardly the same as an adult conversation. Fred is currently asleep and Frank WAS asleep. He’s awake now but he is watching tv so he’s okay for a bit. I am just online squeezing in some googling etc. I prefer checking some of my email on my laptop as I can read the whole thing whereas my iPhone screen is just too small for some email content and I have to zoom in to read it lol

It is my little brother’s birthday on Saturday, he will be 10. Have sent him a birthday card in the post, along with my other brother’s as his birthday is the end of the month lol My step-mom can put his up till then. He will be 6 on the 27th I think. So that is my boring update for now. Will check it soon, I hope.



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