Someone stole my babies!

I had to give the twins back today :(
They were having real issues with their teethies yesterday. All day they kept dribbling, and pulling at their gums – poor babies. They went to bed about half 10, I think all the bedtime crying had worn them out. My mom took me over to my aunt’s house at about 3ish. My aunt was excited to have them back but she’s still in a bit of pain after her operation. We think she overdid it yesterday because she said she woke up and felt fine so she cleaned the house from top to bottom. She’s a bit of an OCD cleaner sometimes, especially when she first had the twins as they were premature, she had hand sanitizer pumps everywhere and would dettol all the surfaces lol
It feels weird not having the babies here. I’m in bed and for the last week I’ve been able to sit here listening to them snoring in the cot at the end of my bed but everything is gone now. Ah well, I can enjoy a few lay-ins before I go back to Aunt’s house on Sunday :)
There’s been lots of new and fresh jobs popping up online this week so have been hitting the net a lot, emails, cv, application forms etc. hopefully something will stick :)
It’s my birthday in 81 days, so just under 12 weeks. To think, this time last year I was counting down to my 21st Birthday. I wasn’t even planning my party at this point as I hadn’t even thought of having one. That brainwave came in the June and we had like a week to secure the venue, which we did lol. I think this birthday I won’t say “oh happy 22nd to me”, it’ll be “21, part 2”. Plus I don’t feel like celebrating with a meal or whatnot, that’s what I’ve done for most my birthdays since I was 16. I’m thinking of looking at some kind of Spa weekend. I’ve never been to one and on American tv shows they always seem like great fun, and a real relaxing thing to experience. We shall see I guess.



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