Title Fight

Tonight my uncle Paddy had a title fight at his boxing battle “Maximum Battle”. The event started at 7:30 and ended at 11:30. His fight was a title one so it was lined up for after 11. Me and my grandad had tickets but didn’t fancy sitting around for hours so we turned up at about half 8ish and we caught all the fights from “match 4” upwards. My uncle’s gym had lots of boxers in the battle and a huge amount of them won their fights. There was this one bloke, must’ve been about 35 and he was a really strong fighter and he deserved his win. My uncle came out and his fight started. He came out strong and focused which paid off because 1 minute 20 seconds into the FIRST round his opponent was injured and had to “forfeit”, if that’s how it works. Either way my uncle won the title. Even if the other guy hadn’t thrown it, my uncle would’ve won on points because he was by far the better boxer and it was a good fight, all 80 seconds of it lol

20130526-123543 AM.jpg (crap resolution but still, captured the winning announcement lol)

20130526-055404 PM.jpg(His boxing belt)



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