The Weekend Is Almost Here

Well I didn’t end up cooking my little roast dinner. It got so late when we left my Aunt’s that we stopped in at McDonalds on our way home, yum! Watched some tv Sunday night and that was it really. Boring, I know but Sunday is suppose to be a day of rest lol Monday I received 2 calls from 2 different agencies regarding possible job roles. They’ve submitted my cv and details so I guess we’ll see. I’ve applied for a job at a hospital – medical secretary role. It’s basically a waiting game so :/ I’ve got the jobcentre this Friday, highlight of my Friday, not!
My Aunt’s having an operation tomorrow so me and my Mom are looking after the twins as, obviously, I’m not busy and my Mom has 4 days off :) I stayed at my aunt’s house on Tuesday night as she had an intensive driving lesson all this morning and I watched the twins. Then after lunch my mom picked us up and we had dinner at my nan’s – a roast chicken dinner, yum! Babies were fed, bathed and finally fell asleep earlier so I’m just chilling in bed watching Sex and the City (with no lights and low volume due to the babies being asleep in the travel cot next to me lol). I’m really tired as Reg woke me up really early this morning, although I can’t moan because he did have his school uniform on lol