I Heart Iron Man <3

Iron Man 3 is really good. The ending was a bit different but it may mean there won’t be a fourth in the series which is a good thing.

I love Robert Downey Jr. he is so funny, and sexy for his age ;) I’ve created an album on my Facebook labelled “Kayleigh’s Eye Candy ;)” which has head shots of all the male celebrities I think are damn sexy, so far I’ve got Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hardy (which is a given) and an actor called Ryan Doom. These were all photos I had to hand on my laptop but I’m going to update the album soon as I have lots of guys I want to put in it :)

We went for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend at a new place that has just opened. I weren’t impressed with my steak, it tasted a bit fatty but we had a good time out, doing something different so that’s always good.
I was so shattered last night after babysitting the twins but I was wide awake so I didn’t get to sleep till 3am, oops. I slept most of today, which wasn’t in my plan, but ah well it just means I won’t sleep at all tonight – an accidental all night-er lol It’s okay because I’ve got a few decent movies on my kindle LoveFilm account to watch so that’ll keep me busy tonight. I need something to eat though, I’m starving because I popped out earlier to meet a mate for a catch up so I missed “dinner” time. I’m thinking NACHOS :) 2 minutes in the microwave to melt the cheese and voila, done!
My grandparents are going to my cousin’s football tournament tomorrow and my aunt wants to go too so I’m babysitting whilst they all go and watch. I think it’ll be me, the twins, T and Reg. Mom is working tomorrow so once I’m back home I’ve got a roast dinner to cook, it’s one of them dinners in a Yorkshire things so I just put it in the oven and when it is done I will add gravy, yum!