Happy 40th Birthday Mom

My mom’s 40th has finally made its appearance woohoo. My aunt asked me if I fancied having the twins on Wednesday night so we picked them up. They didn’t play up that much, Frankie did fight his sleep though. Fred went to bed at 10 and slept right through till 10am, good boy, and Frank went to bed at 11 and woke up at 6. 6am is too early lol but he did go back go sleep at 7ish for a couple of more hours so I caught up with Supernatural and had a nice shower. I took them round our Nan’s at 12 and Mom met us there after work at 2. We gave the presents to her for her to open and then we light the candles on her cake and sang happy birthday. It was really nice and we can’t wait to go to the movies and see Iron Man 3 and then out for dinner. We are dropping the twins back home tomorrow morning then we are going shopping :)

20130517-120843 AM.jpg (Mom’s birthday cake, yum)