TVD Tuesday

Incase you’re wondering what “TVD” is, it means The Vampire Diaries. TVD Tuesday is what ITV2 call it because it’s Tuesday and Vampire Diaries is on at 9pm. I love Tuesday for that very reason but sadly season 4 is almost finished :( I also watch something else on the same channel at 10pm called 666 Park Avenue, but it is the series finale today :( luckily though, Lost Girl has just started back up with season 3 on SyFy and the Hannibal series is also aired Tuesdays at 10pm and it only aired its first episode last week. Obviously reading that you may wonder how I manage to watch things on different channels at the same time? lol well it’s quite easy, it’s mostly about juggling with plus 1 and the ITV player on my Virgin box. I watch TVD at 9 on ITV2 then I flick over to SyFy at 10 to watch Lost Girl and then at 11 I flick to Sky Living to watch Hannibal. At midnight I load up the ITV player on my box and catch up with 666 Park Avenue and by 1am I’m done lol long but I love Tuesdays!! The rest of the week is rubbish for tv so I make the most of my busy tv night. Monday use to be just as a bad, but now it’s only Grimm and Criminal Minds, both at 9pm so I juggle. Wednesday tv is rubbish, Thursday, Friday and Saturday too. Sunday is better because I watch “Once upon a time” at 8, and series 2 only just started a few weeks ago so that’ll keep me going for a while lol
So, it’s my mom’s birthday on Thursday and as aforementioned she’s going to be 40. I’ve gotten her a little something and a huge card, my brothers gotten her a bottle of JD and some perfume so we’re basically set. I’ve got my interview tomorrow morning at 10 – early! Guildford isn’t a bad location as there’s the train but the money worries me slightly, it’s low wage and I fear I may struggle because I’d be paying it all on my travel. Thursday my mom is at work till 2pm then she’s free. We haven’t decided when we are going to the movies and dinner, so we may go Thursday afternoon/evening but if not then it’ll be Friday as she’s got the whole day off. I can’t wait, I really want to see the new Iron Man. There’s also the new Star Trek movie out now too which I also would love to see. My grandad is into all that, he use to watch it on tv after work and I mentioned the movie to him so we might go see it. I cannot wait for the new Thor movie in August, just in time for my birthday too hehe this year is going too fast, I still can’t comprehend how quickly May came around. It’s mental!