Well today wasn’t a bad day. I received a phone call regarding a recent job application I’d done and I have an interview next Wednesday. It’s for a low level administrative role but it looks relatively promising location-wise and experience-wise. I went to the jobcentre this afternoon and everything is back to normal, and I got paid Wednesday because they finally decided I WAS doing enough. I’m glad because as aforementioned it is my mom’s 40th birthday next week and I had hoped to take her out. Now I can. We’ve settled on dinner and a movie. Which of course means a bit of Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3 ;)

My college interview is in about a month. I was asked if I’m still “into this whole back to college thing?”, by a close family member who I shan’t name. I think she thought it was just a phase because I was “bored of being jobless”. It’s true, I am sick to death of being at home, basically doing nothing except my chores BUT that doesn’t mean I was using the college thing as a back up plan “just incase I don’t get a job”. That’s not why I looked in to it. I want to be a student again because I can’t go through the rest of my adult life hopping from one temp job to another. For a start it’ll mean I’ll find it hard to ever move out of home, plus it’s not very financially stable and it’s hardly a decent career path. No, I want to go back to college so I can get myself where I want to be and hopefully land in the job role of my choice, that I will enjoy for life. Unlike most, I’m probably never going to be blessed by any children and obviously that isn’t by choice, but it means I need to focus on a career. I don’t want 10 years to pass and I’m still in the same old rut that I’m sort of in now. I want to progress and hopefully I can go to college, and get the grades needed for university. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and end up studying in America, now that would be totally awesome lol I actually looked up online what it would cost to study nursing in America and which universities actually offer it. There’s one in NYC and I think I’d die if someone told me I could go there for 3 years to study lol especially as afterwards if you find a job you can apply for a visa to work there instead of a student visa. Now that is something I’d love to do, especially NYC.